How to Switch Audio Tracks in Windows Media Player

Change Audio Tracks in Windows Media Player

Every now and then you come across a video that has multiple audio tracks… much like a DVD.  Sometimes you may have a video file that has both a 5.1 and stereo soundtrack, or director’s commentary.  I needed to change the Windows Media Player audio track because I found could not hear the commentary on a video.

In many DVD and Bluray software players, you can easily access bar menu or a context menu that allows you to switch the default audio track, but this is not present by default in Windows Media Player 11.  The ability to switch between tracks is there, but not accessible by default.

Press Ctrl 3 to Return to Movie

Unfortunately switching audio tracks is one of those features buried in the new interface.  You have to bring up the “classic” menu like so:

  1. Press Ctrl + M to view the “default menu” (you can also right-click to the right or left of the audio controls, but “show menu bar” does not show in Now Playing mode.)
  2. Click on “Play“, then “Audio and language tracks
  3. Select the audio track you would like to play
  4. Press Ctrl + M to remove the menu
  5. If you can’t see your movie, then press Ctrl + 3 (same as clicking “View” and “Now Playing”).

Enjoy your different audio tracks!

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