How to get your hands on the Wii and PS3: An Insider’s Advice


System shortages... oh my!

We all know the next-gen systems are in high demand. So, what do you do when your kids are begging for a Wii or PS3 for Christmas and they are nowhere to be found? (Or you just want one for yourself!?) Here are some tips and tricks of getting a system for those who don’t know the gaming industry very well, or for those who do but still cannot get their hands on one.

First, you must understand how the industry works

For those venturing into game stores once a year, finding what you need can be frusterating. Game stores do not function like a supermarket; they hardly ever have extra in the back. We are at the mercy of the higher corporations estimating how many of each game, system, or accessory we should need for the week. Shipments come as they will, we cannot order more, hold one for you, or take bribes. Every day parents come in and ask why we don’t have a million of such-and-such in stock, and if they slip me an extra $400 could I please get one for them when they come in? We do not judge people or play favorites… the rich and the poor have the same chances of getting what they need. So, what can you do to insure you get what you need? Here we go……

Make friends with the employees

Making friends with the employees of your local gaming store can be your biggest in. Customers who treat employees with kindness and respect are more likely to get what they need, and to get it faster. Employees recognize good customers and always give them accurate information. We understand that the holidays can be frusterating, but by treating employees with respect, you’re more likely to get what you need.