How to Etch a Printed Circuit Board


Finishing up

There are only two things left to do; first you need to remove the photo layer that’;s still on the copper. Just use some nail polish remover or acetone to remove that layer, when you’;re done the copper should look shinier. Now just drill the holes you need, you can do this with a engraving tool, Dremel, or drill. The most common sizes of drill bits used in PCB’;s are 0.8mm 1mm and 1.5mm so use the right sized bit for the hole you need.



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You can leave the PCB clear but it can corrode without any protection, to prevent this apply a soldering agent called flux which you can get this at the local electronics store. When you are finished you can begin placing the components and start soldering.

I hope you’;ve learned from my guide and that you succeeded in making a PCB. And in order to make everything just a bit easier, I’;ve also created a movie so you have a little moving guide to see how the steps go, you can get the movie in 2 flavors.


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Video File File Size Video Format
High quality 28MB Windows Media 9
Low quality 7MB Windows Media 9



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