Home Office Accessories: Taking Home-Based Technology to the Next Level


The modern home office is everything from music studio to photography lab to filing cabinet and beyond. Home computers are so powerful, and computer accessories so sophisticated, the average home office can manage any range of tasks with ease and precision.

There are basic additions to the computer unit itself as well as a host of handy tools and devices to make the home office a comfortable and creative space. Here are a few great accessories to get the dream home office started.

Second Screens

For those that spend plenty of time in front of the screen managing multiple documents, or even those playing computer games, it’s a great idea to invest in an additional screen. They extra space allows for added productivity and organisation as users can have multiple windows open, navigate through a host of programs and reference different documents with ease.

Having extra screen space is also helpful for the eyes as they have a wider field of vision upon which to stare for hours. Enhancing the basic setup with the addition of an extra monitor is a quick and easy way to change the entire look and feel of a home office. For those that function primarily on laptops and tablets, hooking up to a desktop monitor is fast, easy and makes an incredible difference.


Even for the most digitally based businesses, the ability to print, scan and hard copy documents is a must. Today’s printer/scanner/copier products are incredibly efficient and very reasonably priced. This particular technology is incredibly useful for keeping identical records of both hard and soft copies, of all important documents. Depending on the various needs of a specific business, these products come in various sizes and iterations; some combine all three functions, some are individual and some come in larger sizes to accommodate a range of different business needs.

External Hard Drives and SD Card Readers

One of the most important computer accessories is an external hard drive.  Backing up work should be done early and often, so it’s a good idea to get an external drive with lots of storage, and to add new work to it constantly. Storing the majority of your documents on an additional hard drive will leave your PC’s RAM left to deal with running programs, which should ensure it’s fast and responsive!

Backing up photos is another important process in a home office and an external SD card reader, used in conjunction with the hard drive, can make the process of importing, editing and backing up photos smooth and easy. Used in conjunction with photo editing software, even the most amateur of photo enthusiasts can have a professional archiving and editing system in no time.

Audio Visual Editing Software

From promotional materials to home movies, creating audio and visual products from a home computer, or office has never been more accessible. While some basic variety of photo, audio and movie editing software will likely come as standard on newer computers, there are all kinds of software packages for all different kinds of people and businesses.

From the Adobe Suite to software like iMovie, or Garage Band, the average home office user can create all kinds of impressive multimedia content for both personal and professional use. There are loads of free tutorials online for those unfamiliar with the various capabilities of each program, which makes learning the ins and outs of new software a much easier and stress free process.

There are a plethora of computer accessories that can enhance the average home office, transforming it into a next level workspace. Whether it’s a full time home studio, or a space for the occasional email, having a few key additions to the set up will make a home office a productive and pleasurable space to spend time in.

* Photo credit: “Mice” by William Warby licensed under CC BY 2.0

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