Hitman Blood Money

Been playing Hitman: Blood Money! I love stealth-action games, and this is the best installment to date! They fixed the weird control scheme a bit so it’s much easier to play. I’m playing in 1680×1050 with 4x antialiasing with no slowdown! The game uses HDR rendering and the lighting is awesome!

The missions are very replayable, because there are so many ways to complete a mission, all of which are very satifying. I’ve queued up a bunch of articles, so OCMS should have new content every day for a while…

But anyway, I was dragged to a friend’s baby shower today. The guests were busy playing “baby shower games”, which is one of the most heinous things a man can go through. I checked out at the “guess what’s in the diaper” game (they melted different chocolate bars into diapers, and you had to guess which candy bar it is…

So needless to say I started gravitating downstairs, where the host had just bought a new Xbox 360! Unfortunately, he bought the core system and hooked up this new technological wonder to his 50″ plasma TV using standard composite RCA connection (NTSC). Everyone was amazed at the graphics, but all I saw was jaggy-ville.

“Man, check out those graphics. Have you ever seen anything so awesome? This controller is too hard…”

I just smiled and nodded: no one likes a party pooper.

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