Hitman: Blood Money Cheats & Walkthroughs (Xbox 360, PC, & PS2)



As per usual with Hitman, there’s many completely different and sometimes strange ways to complete the missions. (As an example, the first time I played Dance With the Devil, I was having my very first look around when things went wrong and I got into a shootout with some guards. One thing led to another, until I’d eventually killed every living thing in the level – 122 kills. Still, I’d completed all goals and was happy with that!)

So, all I’m doing here is giving the path I used to get Silent Assassin rating in each level. This worked from Rookie through to Expert – haven’t tried the Pro yet! Feel free to disregard everything here, bring some big guns and just kill everything, sometimes you just have to let rip!!!!!

I’m not going to bother running through the opening mission – you’re already guided through that. So on with the rest…

A Vintage Year
Weapons: Just bring the Silverballer with silencer (you did already buy the upgrade didn’t you?)

Follow the two people through the door and into the courtyard. Just hang around there for a couple of minutes until you see a group gathering near the SE corner of the yard. They’ll follow a guide into the wine cellar where he’ll be giving a tour. Just stroll along with the group down into the cellar. Don’t worry if the guards seem to get anxious at your presence, just keep strolling with the group and they’ll leave you alone.

The third stop the guide makes is in a circular room with a guard in it. Just stick with the group for one more stop. This is just outside the circular room and results in most of the tourists standing in the shadows. Move towards the corner (close to the couple making out). As the group moves on, the guard will leave the circular room. Give him a moment to get out of earshot and then quickly move through the circular room, through the doorway to the South and over to the large barrel on the East side of the room, this is the secret door to the labs.

If you’ve timed it right, you can just run through to the small room to the south where there’s a worker’s suit waiting for you. If there’s already a worker in the room, just wait for him to leave the room, he doesn’t seem to mind your presence, or alternatively, hide in the nearby closet till he’s gone. After donning the suit, wait in that room until you see two men enter through the secret door and on into the lab. The first of these (in the pink shirt) is Manuel Degado, one of your targets.

After he’s walked past, walk back through the secret door into the wine cellar. You’ll see a guard directly ahead of you, just walk past him and continue West to the room with the red table. Go to the other side of this room, where you’ll find a container just waiting to be filled with you’re first body! Wait near the container for a while and you’ll see Manuel come into the room and stop by the table. Keep waiting and eventually, he’ll walk over to the door in front of you. As he’s opening the door, pull your pistol and take him out, preferably with a single shot to the head. You might hear his men give a shout, but they don’t seem to bother investigating, so you can grab the body and stash it in the container.

You may want to save it before attempting this. Depending on your difficulty level, he can catch you drawing your gun and let out a shout before you get him. Also, by saving you can experiment with trying to kill him using the Fibre Wire or Poison.

Once he’s taking care of it’s time to head up to the mansion proper to take care of Daddy dearest. Walk back past the guard and through the secret door. Take the corridor to the right and into the lab. Continue to the far side and down the corridor. You’ll see a lift to your right, ignore it for now, but take note of it’s location (that’s our escape route).

At the end of the corridor you’ll see a closet and a door. Go through the door to see a staircase going up. If there’s no guard at the bottom of the stairs, move into the corner and wait for him. When he comes down the stares, he’ll give you a dirty look, but otherwise ignore you, wait for him to take up his position facing the door and then take him out with the sedative. Drag his body up two flights of stairs and away from the door and then relieve him of his VIP Guards suit.

Continue on up the stairs and through the door at the top. Immediately to your right is another door (be careful as a guard pops through here and stop just inside it). Wait for the guard and then follow him back through the door. Swing to the right half way down the corridor and you’ll see the grand staircase heading up to the second floor. Head up the stairs and then go left, East, down to the door at the end of the corridor. You need to be careful here as the doors need to be picked. While facing the door, swing the camera so you can see back down the corridor. You should be just able to make out the head movements of the guard standing in the middle of the corridor. He looks right, left, then straight ahead. You need to time it so that the patrolling guard is heading away from you and the stationary guard has just looked away from you. Pick the lock and walk through.

If you look to the right in the next room you’ll see a grand piano and a chair facing a balcony beyond it. Wait just inside the door and you’ll see Don Fernando Maguel sit down in the chair and begin playing the cello. You can kill him with whatever you choose as he’ll sit there with his back to you.

Once he’s down it’s simply a matter of walking out. Head back the way you came, down the stairs to the first floor, head left, through the doors and down to the lab. Go to the elevator we passed earlier, call it up & head down to the hangar. You can ignore the two guards here and just walk around to the plane (although it is fun pushing the first guard into the water!).