Hide your recent Documents, Pictures, and Programs on Start Menu


Hide your crap from others

If you have a computer that’s shared by a few others in your home (wife, roommates, sentient demon monkeys), then you want to protect your privacy as much as possible. Let’s face it, people are nosy, and given the chance they will look through your medicine cabinet, open your desk drawers, and check out the latest opened files on your PC. You can tell your spouse she has to have her own login, but their first thought is usually “What exactly is he trying to hide?”… Don’t go down that road, seriously. Simply prevent the display of your recently opened programs and documents in your Start Menu.

Right-click on the task bar and select properties

Choose the Start Menu Tab.

Uncheck the following two options:
“Store and display a list of recently opened files”
“Store and display a list of recently opened programs”

Click OK to apply these settings. Now you can let the sentient demon monkeys out of their room…

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