Here’s My Hardware


case: Lian Li V1000 tower case (anodized black)
processor: Athlon 64 X2 3800+
video card: XFX GeForce 7800 GT (cool fan mod)
sound card: Creative X-Fi Platinum sound card (with front panel)

motherboard: Asus A8N SLI Deluxe (nForce4) motherboard w dual gigabit lan, 8 SATA ports

memory: OCZ PC-4000 DDR Gold memory
Plextor SATA 16x DVD +/- burner
Western Digital 250GB SATA HDD (8MB cache)
Western Digital 250GB SATA2 HDD (16MB cache)
Zalman CNPS-Cu heatsink
floppy/USB card reader combo
2x 120mm case fans
Microsoft Wireless desktop elite
blue cold cathode
green cold cathode
power supply: SkyHawk Technology 600W modular power supply
Display: Sceptre Naga-III 20.1″ widescreen LCD (8ns, 1600×1050 resolution)
OS: Windows XP SP2
OCMS Server
case: 1U server case
processor: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz (2MB cache) with Hyper-Threading
video card: integrated
motherboard: SuperMicro server motherboard (dual gigabit LAN, onboard SATA RAID)
PCI-X 64-bit SATA RAID controller
3GB 533MHz ECC Registered DDR2
2x Seagate Barracuda 200GB HDD (in RAID 1)
16x low-profile DVD burner
black floppy
OCMS Server #2 (unused SQL server)
case: I-Star 300D 3U server case
processor: Intel 2.8GHz Pentium 4 (800MHz FSB)
video card: Asus GeForce 2
Asus P4 motherboard
2x Western Digital 80GB HDD
Asus GeForce 2 AGP
Wife’s PC
Enermax white pearl case
Intel Celeron 2.6GHz
1GB DDR memory
Abit motherboard
Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R burner
Albatron GeForce FX 5200 AGP
Logitech MX-610 wireless laser mouse
Microsoft Natural Media keyboard
Enermax 450W power supply
Media Center 1 (MediaCenter)
Silverstone LC10 aluminum HTPC case
Gigabyte nForce 3 motherboard
Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 754)
1GB DDR memory
Asus GeForce 6800GT
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR250 (Media Center Edition)
2x Seagate Barracudda 250GB HDD
power supply: 300W blue meanie
OS: Windows Media Center Edition
Display: JVC 48″ rear projection HDTV
Media Center 2 (TK421)
case: generic black desktop case
2.53GHz Pentium 4
1GB DDR memory
Aopen AX4PE-Max motherboard
GeForce 4 video card
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR150
16X Asus DVD +/-R burner
2x Seagate Barracuda 250GB HDD
Windows Media Center Edition
Display: Princeton Graphics 32″ VGA monitor
Kid’s computer
AsRock motherboard
512MB DDR-333 memory
Athlon 2000+
ATI 9800 AGP
Windows XP SP2
wireless network card
Personal server
case: Chenming aluminum full tower case
Athlon XP 2000+

OCZ ModStream 520W modular power supply

3x 120GB HDD (JBOD configuration)
24x CD burner
Windows Server 2003
Dell Inspiron 8500
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz mobile
GeForce 4 Go integrated graphics
17″ widescreen display (1900×1200 resolution)
24x CD burner/DVD-ROM
Consoles / gadgets
Xbox 360 Premium
Modded Xbox (Xenium 1MB chip and 80GB HDD)
Gameboy Advance
Vtech Vsmile (yay!)
HP iPAQ H4100 (512MB memory)
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