HDTV for Under $100


Phase 2 - On The Go

Since the kids seem to be in perpetual motion, they also wanted to be able to record shows, online videos or almost any content they wanted onto their respective iPods, smartphones and PSP without a lot of work.

The solution was the compact two-button Pinnacle Video Transfer device we also found at Best Buy.  They simply had to choose their recording level – good, better, best – depending on the video quality they wanted and transfer the video files in minutes.  The package was almost “dad proof.”

Mobile consumers, like our kids, have an insatiable demand for a solution that lets them take their content with them wherever they go.  The pinnacle device lets them transfer their video without using their computer and be out the door in no time at all.

Providing anytime, anywhere entertainment convenience, the Pinnacle Video Transfer hardware is ideal for people who want to enjoy TV shows and personal videos on their iPod Video, PSP or just want to store them on a USB drive to archive or watch later.

With PC-less recording, the compact device is also excellent for our daughter who wants a simple way to offload footage from their camera to a portable USB device when away from home. In addition, if you have personal videos on VHS, Hi8 or VHS-C tape, the PVT can be used to make a digital copy on your device or hard drive for safe keeping—without having to deal with complicated PC-based software. Our son who is also an excellent video gamer also uses the unit to capture his sessions in digital format to edit on his computer or to take with him on his smartphone to have documented proof of his achievements.

Both of the kids say that video capture and direct transfer has never been easier.  They are able to transfer videos to an iPod, PSP or USB device without having to copy the files to their PC.  This saves them both valuable time and hard drive space. PC-less recording and the device’s small, compact size also make it a convenient solution for students or anyone who on the go and wants their entertainment readily available.

Videos are captured in the H.264 format, the high-compression multimedia technology supported by iPods and PSPs. This eliminates the need for time-consuming conversion.  The encoding delivers high-quality videos with two to three times the compression efficiency of solutions such as the MPEG-2 standard, which is used in DVD video. With the press of a button, users can easily select the quality for each recording (Good, Better or Best). When Best recording is selected, videos can be captured at up to 720×480/576 (NTSC/PAL) resolution.

Not a bad overall investment for each of the kids.  For about $200 they both added HDTV viewing to their rooms which they can take with them to the campus coffee shop or almost anywhere if they want.  And they got a complete package that lets them grab content from almost anywhere and take it with them.