HDTV for Under $100


Easier (and Cheaper)

When the kids went to college we were “a little shy” on two key items:

  1. room in each of their apartments for a big LCD HD TV set
  2. enough money to pay for two sets along with new computers, new furniture, new nearly everything

Up until the holidays this was okay because they were busy settling in to the routine of school and getting most of their entertainment over the Net – TV shows, individually produced content, streaming everything.
But before they went back to school they made it known they needed TV sets so they could watch the Super Bowl and basketball’s March Madness.  Our daughter who was studying communications also wanted to be able to grab TV commercials so they could study them in class.

It was easier (and cheaper) than we thought.

While watching High-definition TV shows is more interesting and more dramatic than viewing standard definition television, purchasing two additional HDTV sets plus the cable service wasn’t really an option.  With a little online research we found out that more than 30 percent of the American households don’t subscribe to cable or satellite service.  Instead they enjoy their entertainment the old fashioned way…over the air.

To give our kids an economical HDTV viewing solution, we found a complete family of HDTV entertainment options from Pinnacle Systems at Best Buy.  They were ideal because they were USB PCTV solutions that took up absolutely no room, worked with their notebook computers and were easy on the pocketbook.
The PCTV HD Pro packages we chose cost under $100 each and brought in a wide choice of HD channels in the store and in their apartments.

Content is Out There
When we researched the product, we talked to Jon Peddie, president of Peddie Research.  He noted, “Today’s broadcasters have fulfilled their part of the bargain.  More than 2,000 stations broadcast HDTV content in more than 130 markets across the country.”  Never at a loss for figures, had he said that roughly 21 million homes in America are totally reliant on an over-the-air signal.  More than 91 percent of the 100 million plus households in the U.S. have access to five or more HD stations…over the air, free!
Notebook, football screen shot here
For our two college students who want to take a break for studies especially with the major sports events almost upon us, the PCTV HD Pro was just what they needed.  It not only delivers brilliant high def TV shows but it also supports FM radio.  The mini-remote makes it easy for them to change channels and watch shows from across the room without getting any serious exercise (prime concern for our son).
The PCTV HD Stick is an all-in-one, ultra-portable USB 2.0 device for viewing and recording SD and free HD TV on any PC—at home, at work, at a friend’s house.   The Stick enables you to use a notebook computer and enjoy high definition television programs anywhere you can get a broadcast signal.

Loaded to Go
The unit is very complete including tuner and personal video recorder (PVR) software that is loaded in minutes.
For shows and events they want to save like the Super Bowl highlights, the fantastic commercials or key March Madness games; you can automatically record TV shows to the hard drive in a broad range of formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (optimized for iPod® or PSP®), DivX®, or even direct-to-DVD.

Once you see the crystal-clear HDTV image with absolutely no interlacing, ghosting or noise, viewing television any other way is almost impossible to bear.  With the PCTV HD stick each of the kids own, it easy and affordable to give them the kind of HDTV entertainment they are used to viewing.