HD-DVD is the Winner

In a previous report, it was announced that adult entertainment studios were embracing the Blu-ray Disc for the release of high definition adult videos. However, it seems that the Blu-ray camp may be placing licensing restrictions that would bar using Blu-ray Disc facilities for the purpose of distributing adult video programs on the high-def format. As a result, the adult entertainment industry has announced that it will release high-def content on the rival HD-DVD format. How will this affect the video landscape? Moral questions aside, the adult video business is worth billions annually, and may just be a new factor in the HD-DVD/Blu-ray war as some consumers could base their Blu-ray/HD-DVD player buying decisions on this news. For more details, check out the following report from TV Predictions

The pr0n industry is going HD-DVD… that settles it for me…
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