HC Technology DH-720G Dolby Headphones Review



With technology progressing as fast as it is these days things are getting better and better. Recently the portable audio market has exploded with MP3 players like Apple’s iPod. There have also been huge improvements and advances with portable DVD players, computer audio, home theater systems, and game consoles. As these pieces of equipment evolve the audio that they can offer evolves as well.

Of course these higher quality audio devices are nothing without a output for them. Traditionally headphones were a simple pair of speakers which did their job just fine. Today people demand more than the usual and want the biggest and best on the market.

If you would have told me a few years ago I would be seeing 5.1 headphones I probably would have called you nuts. Well, 5.1 headphones are now available from many manufactures and are becoming the standard of quality. HC Technology recently introduced their DH-720G 5.1 Dolby Headphones to the market that we will be looking at today.

Dobly Digital
Dolby Digital is the standard for 5.1 surround sound in almost every industry today. Dolby Digital is a highly sophisticated audio encoding/decoding technology that can transmit mono, stereo, and 5.1 surround sound. Audio from media such as a DVD is encoded with a 5.1 digital audio track that is created during production. Doing this allows the sound to be placed in such a way that it will sound like it is coming from specific locations. Dolby Digital 5.1 can be implemented into just about anything these days including movies, TV, video games, music, and much more. Below is an illustration on how Dolby Digital is transmitted from the media to the speakers.

Dolby headphone
When you listen to a normal 5.1 speaker system your ears receive sound from each speaker as well as reflections of that sound from the walls and other furnishings. By the time it gets to you each sound has a unique signature that you can detect. When your brain processes these sounds you can tell the size and properties of the room as well as the speakers locations. Traditionally headphones use a two regular speakers that simply produce a two channel audio fed directly into your ears. Using the conventional design audio simply has a left and right channel which makes listening to 5.1 encoded audio less enjoyable. Dolby Headphone electronically creates up to five virtual loudspeakers in a virtual room while the subwoofer is equally mixed into the left and right channels.

Dolby Pro Logic II

Dolby Pro Logic II processes any high quality stereo (two-channel) audio into five channels of surround sound. Dolby Pro Logic II works by detecting the directional cues that happen in stereo audio and uses them to create five-channel surround sound. This technology is ideal for applications such as PCs, game consoles, portable MP3 players, and anything else encoded with only two-channel sound.

Hopefully now you have an understanding of the technology these headphones offer. Below are the technical specifications that were pulled from HC Technology’s website. One of the things I liked in the specs was the frequency response which is very good starting at 20Hz and ranging all the way up to 20,000Hz. With this range of frequencies the bass will kick nicely while the mids and highs remain very clear.

Technical Specifications
– Audio Mode Support: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II
– Dolby Headphone Mode: Dolby Headphone and Stereo
– Audio Input: Optical and Analog Line-In
– Headphone driver: 40mm
– Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
– Power: DC 3V (AAA battery x 2) or analog signal detection
– Can still be used as a stereo headphone if power off.
– Automatic input digital or analog signal detection.