Haze Review


Yello Haze

Title Haze
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Free Radical Design
Release Date May 20, 2008
Genre Action
Platform Playstation 3
Rating Mature

In the year 2048, The Mantel Corporation is waging an all out war for the freedom of civilization. At least that is the company line they are putting forth as they send legions of drug enhanced soldiers into the jungles of South America to bring down the rebel opposition.

In the new game HAZE, players take on the role of a Sgt Shane Carpenter who is tasked with leading a squad against the rebel leader, a man dubious named Skin Coat. I want to say at the outset that the game’s publisher, Ubisoft, did not return several calls and e-mails for more information and review materials for the game. We were able to get a pre-release interview for the game, but since then, no further information was passed along, so I had to rely on Gamefly to provide the game for review and did not have an outlet to get explanations or clarifications for questions I had with the game and its performance.

Carpenter was a college student who decided to make a difference in the world and at the start of the game, finds himself launching with his new squad to recover pilots from a downed aircraft. Carpenter like all of his fellow soldiers, are enhanced by a drug called Nectar which grants them greater abilities in combat and is administered by the combat armor they wear.

The first few missions are fairly standard shooter missions where players mow down generic baddies in a dense jungle before they undertake an urgent mission to capture the rebel leader who has been located in a smelting plant.

As the mission unfolds, Carpenter begins to have doubts about his role thanks in large part to a malfunctioning Nectar administrator. In short order, Carpenter soon finds himself involved in the rebellion and seeking to find the truth behind Nectar and the real agenda of the Mantel Corporation.