Harvest Moon DS Cute Review


Same game but with a chick

Title Harvest Moon DS Cute
Publisher Natsume
Developer Marvelous Interactive
Release Date March 25th, 2008
Genre Farm simulation
Platform Nintendo DS
Rating Everyone (for extreme cuteness)

Nothing makes wanna-be farmers more excited than Harvest Moon. Over the years, Harvest Moon has taken one of the strangest simulators ever created (farming? come on…) and turned it into a huge hit.

Two years ago, Harvest Moon came to the DS. There was only one problem for Harvest Moon DS: you had to play as a dude. What if you are a girl and don’t want to start a family with another girl? Don’t want to woo and hit on another girl? Well, then you were screwed. Until now…

Has Forget-Me-Not Valley lost its magic? You’re a late-blooming farmer, but the Harvest King doesn’t have patience for girls who play all day! That’s why he weeded out the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest Sprites, leaving you out standing in your fields. Break his spell by sowing seeds and finding the Harvest Sprites. You’ll need to master planting fields and tending livestock. Perhaps a handsome bachelor will help you before a mysterious thief steals your heart!

  • Raise Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Ducks!
  • Change clothes and decorate the interior of your house!
  • Court and marry local guys or invite over favorites from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town!

Besides the fact that your character now has a uterus, Harvest Moon DS Cute is sadly quite similar to Harvest Moon DS Dude. Natsume was smart enough to change the story ever-so-slightly, as to keep girls entertained. If you are a girl, and you are a lame enough gamer to be saddened by the fact that you have to play a dude character, then you aren’t a gamer. Period. But, smart marketing dictates that it is a good idea to appeal to all audiences, even prepubescent girls. Alright, enough with the soapbox.