Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day 2012!


You may have noticed the new pirate-y themed background as you peruse through your favorite tech site today.

If you’re a good nerd, then you know that September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  For us at OCmodshop it truly is a great holiday.  Not only do we wear pirate hats, we watch all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, listen to Alestorm and other pirate music, and of course Disney is broadcasting “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” all day for the kiddos.  There are the special Pirate quests for Pirate’s Day if you play World of Warcraft.

Now’s also the time to play all of the Monkey Island games.  Thankfully, they are all available on Steam.  And don’t forget to make your own grog.  Grog is a secret mixture which contains one or more of the following:   kerosene, propelene glycol, artificial sweeteners, sulphuric acid, rum, acetone, red dye no. 2, scumm™, axle grease, battery acid and/or pepperoni.

One of the features the old OCmodshop site had was wallpaper that changed with each holiday.  We had a new background for pretty much every holiday and obscure nerd festival you could think of.  Bringing this feature back has been one of the things on my list since we moved to our new content management system.

Here’s what the site looks like with our new and improved TLAPD wallpaper!

The first of many new wallpapers is our Talk Like a Pirate Day background.  You’ll be seeing a lot more festivities going on here at OCmodshop.  Because, it’s a great tech day, and we’re in the mood for some nerd-dom!

Alan is a web architect, stand-up comedian, and your friendly neighborhood Grammar Nazi. You can stalk him on the Interwebs via Google+, Facebook and follow his ass on Twitter @ocmodshop.