Happy Frickin Birthday

Been 2 weeks, still no car. Should be done tomorrow (Happy F*ckin’ Birthday!), but I have to teach until late so I won’t be able to pick it up until Wednesday. Lame, but at least my car will have a brand spankin’ new turbo in it. Should run like it has never run before! YAY!

Hrm, Dennis bought me a ring for miene Geburstag, it’s shiny… not my birthstone though, otherwise that would have to go on the left hand.

Moved yesterday; 4 of us successfully moved my piano, which I think literally weighs a ton. Moving sucks… you always think you have less sh*t than you really do. Oh well, I’m sure glad to be out of that dump.

I don’t know if even Jenna Jameson’s cleavage is enough to redeem the show…..

And I agree. Madden is a piece of sh*t. It is the sh*ttiest piece of sh*t that you could ever buy new. Here is one reason to buy Madden:

1. Easy Xbox Live achievement points.

Here are a million other reasons not to buy it new: it depreciates to less than half of its purchase value the second it leaves the store, little changes from year to year in graphics or other improvements, there are way better sports games out there, it’s a stereotype perpetuator.

People call themselves “gamers” just because they buy Madden. When I was working at Gamestop there would be people I’ve never seen pick up Madden, and never come in again, except to trade it in for CASH a week after they buy it. Madden is lame…. don’t buy it unless you actually have to.

I was looking through ads that come in the newspaper today, and Circuit City is advertising a Toshiba HD-DVD player with 300 and some other movie for $99.99. HOLY sh*t. I think there are only two companies that are still making HD-DVDs…Universal and Warner Bros (correct me if I’m wrong). Also, all HD-DVDs are 50% off! I’m happy that BluRay is winning. Really, really I am. For all those people who made fun of PS3 for being so expensive, now the systems are getting more scarce because people are buying them just for the BluRay player. I love my PS3…. not that I don’t love Xbox, and not that I won’t buy one, but I’ve never had any problems with my PS3 at all. The best part is I didn’t even pay for the biatch. Yay!

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