Halo Reach Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

The final Halo game by Bungie is the Halo game that showed signs of great  progress coming to fruition. ODST was a step in the wrong direction, a slow, awkwardly paced, dark game that never once felt important enough to finish. Reach grabs you fast and revs up the pace in a hurry.

Reach follows you, Noble Six, as you are part of the first line of defense  for the events leading into the first game – you’re like when a gentleman  puts his coat in the puddle of water for a lady, except you are throwing  your body in the water so Master Chief can teabag you and steal your girl. The events are epic enough to care for, the story is paced correctly, and the action keeps things interesting while amping up the difficulty as you play.

Here is hoping the next Halo games continue to grow off of what has been accomplished with Reach. Halo has always been about top-of-the-line graphics and the forerunner of space combat, so now we need more from this series  moving forward.

Xbox 360 Controls

Action Xbox 360
Jump, handbrake A
Switch Grenades B
Use, Reload, Pick up Gun X
Switch Guns Y
Fire Weapon RT
Throw Grenade LT
Melee RB
Armor Ability LB
Look, Zoom/Scope (click) RStick
Move, Crouch (click) LStick
Pause Game Start
Multiplayer Score Select (Back)
Left: Night Vision D-pad