Halo 4 Review

Master Chief is Back

A New Trilogy Dawns

I came to two conclusions tonight.  The first being that trying to write a review while watching Obama’s acceptance speech can lead to some serious typos.  The second is that no matter what happens over the next four years in this country, Cortana will still be hot and Master Chief will still rip new assholes.

Today I got the privilege to review the latest in the line of Halo games from 343 Industries (A subsidiary of Microsoft Studios, they took over the Halo franchise from Bungee after they left Microsoft).  It’s the first in the newest Halo series known as the “Reclaimer Trilogy”.

Many of us have fond memories of playing every single Halo game thus far.  And although none will have that special place in my heart the way the first one did, this one comes mighty close.  And although there’s no halo-shaped planet to explore, it still feels like the same game, only evolved.  Pardon the pun.  It’s been a long night so far.