Halo 3 Launch

Man, the Halo 3 launch was really exciting!

The biggest surprise was that Bill Gates was there, and there weren’t armed escorts (although I’m sure there were snipers on the surrounding buildings).  Since I had my media badge I was able to get past the barriers, and even went up to Bill and shook his hand!  I’ll never get a chance like that again, I’m sure.
Everyone was to tightly packed near the front, that I was literally shoulder-to-shoulder with alot of the Bungie and Microsoft execs.  I got lots of business cards, too!
Read more about it here:
There were some things I didn’t put in the article just because there was way too much going on.  I even got my picture taken with Master Chief!
I had the OCMS Media Badge, because I’m tired of people saying “Who are you with?  What are you doing?  Don’t touch me there…” and stuff.  Some of the “official” Microsoft guys came up to me, and I thought they were going to tell me to take a hike (since I didn’t have the “official” press pass that everyone else had).  Instead, they introduced themselves and gave me one of their official badges.  Woo hoo!
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