Half-Life Blue Shift Cheats

Blue Shift Cheats

For these codes bring up the console window with the TILDE key.
Most cheats from Half-Life already work with the Blue Shift expansion, but here’re some of the most important ones:

god – enables you to become invincible

noclip – enables you to walk through stuff

notarget – enemies cannot see you

impulse 101 – gain all guns and max ammo

sv_gravity # – changes the gravity setting (default # is 800)

sv_accelerate # – set acceleration of player (default is # is 10)

Spawn Blood And Bones

impulse 102 creates blood and bones (leg bones, skull, gibs).


Turn off the Flashlight

To turn off the flashlight, pause the game and hit your flashlight key.

Tip: Combat Boost

When you are transported to the alien world, find the round puddles and stand in them. In many encounters, you can save your butt by standing in them and fighting. They supply infinite health and when you are injured they will slowly raise your health, therefore, you will not take as much damage. (Note there is one encounter that will almost require you to do this unless you are an exelent player and/or you have full suit health)

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