Half-Life 2: Episode Two Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

Ah yes, my old friend is back, Half-Life 2. Back again and as short as the  last outing. That is beef with these episodes, they’re short. But I myself am starting to see the shine and luster of this point A to point B style of gaming get old. Perhaps it’s just that the first game, Half-Life 2, did so much. I  could still stand to play that game over and over. But for all the new  additions from these episodes, neither one seems like a game to play more than a few times, if even that.

Now, yes, this is done off the Orange Box, so I don’t know if I need to cover all the other four games or what. I suppose I could knock out a HL2 and an Episode One guide in the near future, and after I have some time with Portal, maybe I’ll do something with that too. The problem is TF2, which is something  I know is not my forte. Perhaps later I will make a complete Orange Box guide, but that will take time.

For now, just enjoy this quick guide on a short, but sweet, episode.



Here are the 360 controls:

Xbox 360 Controls for HL2:episode 2

A jump RB Gravity Gun/last gun
B reload LB sprint
X pickup/use/activate RS look/aim; click to zoom
Y flashlight LS move; click to crouch
RT fire primary Start pause; save game
LT fire alternate Back move squad (not used in Episode Two)

The PC has standard FPS controls, and the same since the last game. For all three of you with PCs and without knowledge of the controls, you can choose what buttons do what in the options menu.


Starter Tips

  • Save SMG grenades and Energy balls for Hunters – both are the alt fire for the SMG and Pulse Rifle. You run into Hunters often enough that saving these will pay off.
  • Explore to success – always search areas for health and ammo. The areas are not too expansive, so a little searching won’t kill you.
  • Use the Gravity Gun when you can – if you see a saw blade, that’s an obvious clue to use the GG. See a lot of gas tanks and red barrels? Same story. Even a rock or normal barrel will be enough to inflict damage.
  • A loaded gun is a not happy gun – sitting on a full clip of ammo in any weapon does you no good, and you get plenty of ammo throughout.
  • Chuck a grenade into big groups – simple as that. Tossing a grenade will send it pretty far, so always know your range.
  • Don’t forget to run – not just the normal stride, you also have a sprint  button. It’s your only way to avoid charging enemies, but don’t forget to use it during normal encounters.
  • Drive in bursts – the best way to drive the car is to press the gas in little spurts. Pushing forward at full speed is just crazy.
  • Play for achievements later – some can be attained during a normal run, but don’t go after the more elaborate ones until after you get through one game at least. Don’t forget you can check your achievement progress from the pause  menu.
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  1. Bill Wilborn

    June 20, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    To get the boxes from the high platform throw rocks at it with the CG.

  2. Garry Steel

    June 20, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    again great walkthrough, one hint for you though if you havent already figured it out. The last radar cashe on the sling hanging off the cliff. Just throw the rocks, simple, sometimes the solutions are right in front of you but these are the hardest to find because you're looking for someting complicated. That's why I love these walkthroughs. thanks again

  3. Garry Steel

    June 20, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Excellent walkthrough! I really try not to use them but somtimes you just gutta. Most walks are full of errors and misleading but this one is great. Not too much info just enough to keep you moving. Thanks