GTR2 drops the hammer in Bella Italia

Friday, 18th August, Basingstoke, UK… Namco Bandai Games America Inc. and Deep Silver today revealed a trailer highlighting the Empire’s battlefield tactics, a clutch of the latest screenshots plus a breakdown of individual unit descriptions from its forthcoming real-time strategy game, Warhammer®: Mark of Chaos™.

The Empire is the human faction in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. The armies of men in the Old World are the frontline defenders against the chaos invaders from the north. They have a rudimentary form of magic taught to them by the High Elves after the first Great Chaos War. Schools have been set up in the Empire (each of them representing one of eight different orders) with each specializing in particular disciplines. For example, the Jade Order is considered the Lore of Life that centres on studies of nature and living things. As a result, this magic gives Jade Wizards power over nature.

Along with this primitive understanding of magic is a faith in their ancient god, Sigmar, a warrior god whom they worship devoutly. And Sigmar’s clergy, the Warrior Priest, can channel divine power to use in battle. The Empire has found that its ingenuity and ability to adapt is its greatest weapon against a world filled with monstrous beasts and supernatural evils. The School of Engineers is responsible for some of the more creative guns and war machines, such as the Helblaster Volley Gun. Their steel armour and swords, combined with their black powder and advanced tactics, allow them to stand toe-to-toe with some of the nastiest things in the Warhammer world.

Politically, the Empire is led by an Emperor. Beneath him are a collection of loose states, each under the command of an Elector Count. In times of peace (which never seem to happen in the Warhammer world), these states are political rivals fighting over trade routes or land rights. But when threatened, the Emperor unites the counts to defend the Empire. There are also Knightly Orders that are called upon by an Elector Count to fight as part of their army. Knights can be great assets, adding the benefits of heavy cavalry to an army.

Example of units in the Empire:

Jade Wizard
The Wizards of the Jade Order Study the Lore of Life that lies under the province of the Third Lore of Magic, which is called the Wind of Ghyran. Jade Wizards are, of all wizards, the most attuned to nature and the least likely to be found within the confines of cities. They love nature and living things. Their studies teach them about the harmony of nature and the balance between all living things. Because they are so closely tied to the power of nature their own powers tend to wax and wane with the seasons, being vigorous in the spring, most powerful in the summer, waning over the fall to become weakest over winter.

Pistoliers are nobles’ sons who are not yet old or experienced enough to win their spurs as Knights. In battle, they outflank the enemy and disrupt its lines with sudden hit-and-run attacks. Being rather young and inexperienced, Pistoliers are inclined to be hot-headed and rather wild, bravely dashing into the jaws of danger where a more experienced warrior might bide his time. The armour and weapons carried by a Pistolier are provided by his family.

Mounted Griffon
These are wild and dangerous creatures that hunt from the tallest crags of the northern Worlds Edge Mountains. Brave adventurers seek out their high nests and steal their chicks to raise in captivity. Only in this way can a Griffon ever be made tame enough to allow anyone to ride it, and even then they are temperamental and ferocious beasts.

Captains are seasoned heroes within the Empire army. Although rare, they can be seen riding upon griffons leading their men into battle. Tales of their heroic actions are well known throughout the Empire and they are often sought out because of this. Often leading regiments, the Captains inspire the men in combat and use their extensive knowledge of command skills to turn the tide of battle leading the Empire to victory. The Captain is easily spotted with elaborate armour and some of the finest weaponry.

Warrior Priest
Sigmar is a warrior god, and his clergy are Warrior Priests. Sigmar, in His divine all-seeing wisdom, knows that there are many unseen and supernatural evils and horrors, which beset mankind, and so channels His own divine power through His Chosen priests. The soldiers of the Empire, trusting in their faith, can withstand and turn back the tide of enemies that assail them, needing only to hear the priests reciting the Deus Sigmar to inspire them to heroism. But it befalls the Priests to contend with the foe on the spiritual and magical planes and this they do with prayers and invocations, almost equal in potency to the spells of Wizards, and with the strength of their unflinching minds.

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is scheduled to hit the battlefield in the UK this autumn for the PC.