GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

I’m back. And to make a long story short, from the last true guide I made and this one, the only game I missed making a guide for was Batman; was just too late to that one. Other than Batman, it’s been a long gaming drought.

Now to this game. The only complaint is that it may be a bit too expensive  for being so much like the original, but if you didn’t buy The Lost and Damned when it first came out, like me, and bought the episode disc, then there are  no complaints.

This game is brilliant because it messes with your own sexuality. Someone like me who no longer has any emotional reaction to the word “gay” could appreciate Rockstar’s effort. Throughout the game your character shows signs of clearly not being gay, but does appear to have a soft spot for his gay “business  partner” that seems odd for an ex-con who kills for money. And then you have all the gay jabs that aren’t out of place for your character, and the game is very open about sexuality in many forms (even Princess Robot Bubblegum!).

And tied into a crime and drug-fueled environment, the game makes an effort  not to highlight or play up the “gay” angle, it’s just there and part of the atmosphere. Is being gay so much worse than being a junkie, a steroid freak, a suicidal person desperate for love, an internet blogger trying to ruin  people’s lives from his computer, etc? The game does it best to de-sensitive you to homosexuality. Hopefully everyone is closer to the feeling of “who  cares?” regarding gay people.

The bottom line, if you are in complete denial about your own homosexuality, this game is trying to slap you in the face a little, and rightfully so.



Action Xbox 360 PS3
Run, tap to sprint, answer phone A X
reload, melee B O
jump, kick, change weapon in car X SQU
enter/steal care, melee climb ladder Y TRI
fire weapon (don’t have to be aiming) RT R2
cover RB R1
lock-on with auto-aim on, brake, aim, enter melee combat with weapon LB L1
camera, click to look behind RStick RStick
move, click to crouch LStick LSstick
map, many more tabs Start Start
change camera view Select Select
bring up phone, check surroundings and car, switch radio stations and guns D-pad D-pad



Starter Tips

#1. Armando is the new Jacob, he can be called for guns, but mainly for fresh armor between missions.

#2. The map is your friend, use it often and without hesitation.

#3. Use the pre-set markers on the radar and map. Aside from me excluding routes a lot in this guide, the game does good to point you in the right  direction. However, also keep in mind the game doesn’t pick best routes, just the fastest it can determine. More often than not, if you have knowledge of the city and roads, you can make your own routes much quicker.

#4. Reload a lot, run, and you can jump, basic stuff that you may overlook.

#5. Cops, just look out for men with hats and cop cars when you steal rides, and try not to hit them.

#6. When you fail a mission or die, you get a text message to retry it. I didn’t try to play the game after a fail, so not sure what happens if you  don’t retry missions, but just take the text and retry. Thankfully there are checkpoints, you don’t have to repeat whole missions.

#7. Turning in cars may be trouble for you, but it’s just like a real car.  Let off the gas approaching the turn, turn, and then apply the gas when  you think it’s best and when you won’t flip over and not too soon.

#8. Avoiding wanted stars is simple, just go as far as you can until you see that you are outside the blue/red radius on the radar.

#9. Use taxis to cover long distances, and you don’t loose much time, if any. Just hold the steal button to get into a taxi. Inside, you can cycle through icons on your map, and even if you set a marker. Then you can either ride it out, speed it up, or spend just a few extra dollars to “teleport.”

#10. Again, always pick up armor before missions (maybe find an armor map  online, I might have one on my site), and find the food vendors throughout the city. Either eat, buy from vendors, find vending machines, med kits, or  save to heal up.

#11. Time of day is important for the main Tony missions, as well as night being the only time the clubs are open.