Grocery Shopping Sucks

I have had a long day…. ugh grocery shopping sucks. Oh well, I’m making Steven apple crisp for tomorrow because I have a gig and if I don’t make him food he will starve. (He is like an infant in many ways… but I still like him!)
I’ve practiced a lot today. It feels nice to be able to sit down at the piano for hours and not be interrupted. I figured out that I do have enough music for 3 hours! Nice… score 1 for Oliver.
Hey if there’s a guy named John who works with Steven at Sherman Clay who is reading my blog…. I am watching you! Speak up! heehee…..
Ugh I’m playing Xmen.. DON’T BUY THIS GAME IT’S A PIECE OF sh*t!!!! I’d rather sit and watch teletubbies all day than play this retarded game… ugh!
Wedding… 8 days…. simply frightening. I keep having nightmares about tripping and shouting curse words or something… I know that won’t happen, but still! Scary.
Well I have ice cream waiting for me.. yummo…
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