Great OCMS Stats

I was going over site stats and history today.  The numbers for Novermer and December 2005 are nothing compared to today, but I was really excited about them at the time.

I was all excited when we actually had 70,000 hits in one day.  We now make that in a few hours… just goes to show how perspectives change.
Even though our Alexa rating is 100,000, OCMS has never been more popular.  We are easily getting over 500,000 page views a month, and over 8 million hits.  Back when Alexa had use at 87,000 we were only  making 200,000 page views a month.  Just goes to show that Alexa is not an indicator of site growth, but only a comparison to other sites… and that’s regardless of demographic or market.  There are only about 100 serious players in our market, and we’re rattling the cages.
Even though Alexa’s graphs have us as holding steady, our actual stats are going straight up!  No holding steady, no dropping…. more and more page views, visitors, unique visitors, and hits each and every month.
We’re doing better.  Keep up the good work, because now we have some clout!
With great power comes great responsibility…
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