Great Games for Cheap Bastards 2006



The games listed in this article I continue to enjoy for some reason. It can’t be the graphics, as almost all of the systems have been upgraded or will be in the near future. Could it be that the plots and gameplay of these games have actually stood the test of time!? YES! They are exciting, revolutionary, and the best part, fun! Even though a few of these games have been out as long as ten years, I keep getting drawn back to them.

Many of us cannot afford to purchase a new game every few weeks. Shelling out $50-60 is not easy, especially for video games. (Especially those who mooch off of their mommas still…(or wives…)) For those looking for something to occupy us until the next big hit, I give you “Great Games for Cheap Bastards”!!

As a side note: I apologize to PC gamers! The only games I played before now on the computer were of “the Sims” genre… so all of these are for console platforms.