Graduation Party

Ugh I was completely irritated… yah bad planning on her part. However, most of the graduation parties I’ve played at have been with more adults and less kids…. more about the family than the friends… so I didn’t know any better either. At my graduation party I just sat around with my family and ate food….same with many other grad. parties I’ve been to, so I dunno. Weird. If I would’ve known there was going to be so many highschool students (evidently they didn’t get invited till the last minute) then I would’ve declined on the gig…

Ugh I’m completely freaking out…. one of my ex-students is stalking me. I told her that our relationship wasn’t working out (lol) because she’s too flaky and high maintenance… so she spammed my other piano students asking for my info because she wanted to “check up on me and make sure I was okay”. Ugh she’s completely irritating. I don’t know what to do… Steven wants me to call at her and scream at her, but I don’t want to talk to her. Truth is I wrote her an email that said “This isn’t working out and I don’t think it will be possible for me to teach you and Tyler (her son) anymore due to scheduling conflicts and numerous miscommunications”. Geee I don’t think that got the message across… ugh I just want her to leave me alone without me having to call her.. she still thinks we have lessons scheduled! WTF!

The LAN was really fun last night! I was irritated because half-way through the night another girl showed up and she was FRICKIN’ RETARDED! She just kept shrieking “don’t kill me! I just got back to life! I don’t know where to go! EEEIIIIKKKKK!!!” I was like “OMFG, she’s making me look bad”. It was rediculous. One guy actually came up to me and asked if I was there to game. Lol… I said I’d kick his ass for asking me that… I was like “duh!”. He said he only asked because Steven came too and he thought I was helping him bring his stuff in.. lol. True that Steven did game most of the time because I was consumed with my DS, but I was there mostly for “business” anyway…. and to give guys sticky keyboards… 

Anyway the news is calling… as is the heap of dishes…. ugh.

Actually, during my breaks they played some spanish guitar and jazz music, which I think ended up being a lot better. I’m not sure your party would have been a bigger hit with a concert pianist performing… really I don’t think I was the right choice for the job and probably should’ve declined. Besides I like classic rock! And I did play some Beatles music…. but I think the cd’s did a better job than I did… atleast they were able to keep playing despite the rising noise…..

You’re right, swimming pools are a HUGE draw…
And I wasn’t stating “sticky keyboards” like they spewed “bawls” all over their keyboard when they saw me….. I meant sticky because of a more…. natural god-given substance….. 
Oh, and Alan took a picture of my ass for the Nintendo DS review… we’ll see if he puts it up….heehee. (lol yes I’m wearing pants… the real picture will be on the ocmspr0n site….)
Yah I know, concert pianists serve 2 party purposes only: christmas concerts and dinner parties. That’s it. But hey, I really needed the money… lol.
Heehee… I like steel drum bands as long as they can play “Under the Sea”!!!
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