Got a job at Gamestop!

Yay for me, I got a job at Gamestop! Lol, I work there one day a week for 4 hours…. and get paid minimum wage. But the best perks are:

-15% off games, even brand new releases.
-30% Barnes and Noble discount…. parent company
– I get to borrow games for 4 days for free… again, including new releases.
– I work with all guys.
Why is it good that I work with all guys? Well… because girls piss me off! And because most of them know absolutely nothing about video games. Thank god that they quizzed me on some video game stuff before they hired me. Also, the store is about 3 miles from my house. Awesome.
I’m making “better than sex cake” tonight… it’s a yellow cake with pineapple drizzled over, then a pudding frosting and whipped cream on top. Yummy yummy…. I’m not sure it can compete with sex, but still, it’s frickin’ awesome.
Agh one of my students pissed me off…. they were supposed to come to lessons at 11:30 today, and instead they came at 12:30 and called me while I was in the library when my phone was off, so of course I didn’t hear them! Completely irritating! Ugh just frickin’ great….
Well be back later, have to drive a friend to the airport.
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