Going back to XP?

Mmmmm… I have thought about going back to XP several times. The main problem with Vista is compatibility and drivers. Most software works great, but you’ll always run into some weird anomoly of some program working just right or just downright crashing.

Vista is very stable. The only time it’s ever blue-screened is with very eary beta sound drivers. I LOVE that windows don’t tear, even when an application hangs. If you’re a general PC user and just do office applications, email and Internet, then Vista will give you no problems.

Look to see if there are stable vista drivers for ALL of your hardware (on-board audio, sound cards, printers, etc.) before moving to Vista, or you’ll get really frustrated. Some of your software may have to be upgraded to work (Nero 6.x, PowerDVD 5, etc.), but once you figure out all your personal glitches then it’s fine.

Remember, XP didn’t have drivers for alot of 3rd party hardware at first, either.

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