God of War – Ghost of Sparta (PSP) Review


You Can't Get Enough Kratos

One of the things that make a good movie are the same things that make a great video game; namely good characters.  We as players get sucked into the storyline and feel compelled to guide our favorite hero through his trials.  One of the great video game characters is Kratos from the God of War franchise, who is one of the angriest and mentally tortured (while still sane) guys in mythology.  While we know a lot of his story, we as gamers want to know more about the god who desperately needs an Anger Management seminar.  More of the blank pages to Kratos’s past are scribed in the latest game, God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

This new game takes place between the events of the first GoW and GoW2.  Kratos is still haunted by the memories that led him to his current god-like state, and for some reason he can’t get them out of his head.  These dreams lead him on a quest to Atlantis, and Athena appears telling him that he doesn’t know what he’s getting into.  Kratos argues that she was supposed to remove his tortuous thoughts, and that he’s going ahead with his search.

Ready At Dawn, the developer of the God of War series, previously published a game exclusively for the PSP titled God of War: Chains of Olympus.  This was the highest-rated PSP title of all time (a MetaCritic score of 91).  Any studio would be silly to just let a cash cow like that go, and so they’ve developed this new game, which is pretty much the same type of gameplay you’ve come to expect, but with a few new features thrown in.  If you liked Chains of Olympus then you’ll be very familiar with Ghost of Sparta.

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