God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


The River Styx

*NOTE: Not sure if this is the Styx or Acheron, but Styx sounds better. Just calling this area Hades doesn’t do it for me.*

Save and then jump on the cliff wall and start going, and press R to drop when over solid ground. Jump the gap and you’ll see two chests over to the left, so double jump onto a ceiling and go grab the orb chest and the Gorgon Eye. I hope you realize Triangle is the attack button while on a ceiling. Go to the gap to the north and double jump onto the the rock wall, but be ready for some enemies to appear, so slash them or they will grab you and force you into a tapping  mini game. Just press Square to keep attacking them as you climb to the top.

You will fight two what I will call Medusas, as they are stronger than the  Gorgons. They have the same attacks as well as a the stone gaze. So if you see the green glare, roll away and keep moving to avoid being turned to rock, and  if you do you need to tap L and R to break free, quickly. Again, the Triangle attacks and combos do well against these.

After the fight, cross the ruined archway and come toward the screen to see a  rock wall you can climb down. At the gap, double jump as far as you can and  sidle the ledge to find a Phoenix Feather. Then double jump back over, climb up, get to the upper gap in the stairs, double jump, and you’ll take the path to a fight with two Cyclops.

The two big guys are not as hard, especially if you have the Blades of Chaos up to level 3. First though, get them close and unleash all your Efreets with  O taps, and then finish them off by focusing on one and pelting it with Square attacks. When either one has taken a lot of damage, feel free to hold Triangle, which will send you into the air, and then do Cyclones to finish them off; just ignore using the O prompt, and remember to roll a lot or double jump away. When one is gone, soldiers will appear, and unleashing Triangle attacks on them  followed by cyclones to quickly kill them; there are just three or so of them. And then to get one final Cyclops, which should be easy by just keeping your  distance and doing the cyclone thing after a while. Don’t forget you can use  the multi-chest whenever you need to.

After, there is an orb chest in a ruined building to the right, which you could have escaped to during the fight. At the gap nearby, just double jump to hit the higher ledge. There are some Harpies in the open, so grab to victory, and  then go break the rock wall on the left. You fight a Medusa and then you get a Gorgon Eye and orb chest. You’ll notice a rock box in a center area, but you can’t reach it. Go to the right and break the half-ruined wall so you can grab the box. Drag it to the right under the health chest and jump up there.

Grab the health and jump on the rock wall. Climb your way to behind the blood- fall and you’ll hit a fight with three enemies. Knock over the pillar on the right after and then go save. Use the pillar to double jump up to the ledge. Once up here, smash the cracking wall to reveal a Phoenix Feather. Cimb the  rock wall nearby to be by a dead tree and closed door. Follow the path to the Gate of Hades to fight two Armor and Harpies. Kill the birds with grabs and  then do the Square x2 and Triangle combo to crack their shields, then pound away with Efreets. Feel free to use the health and magic chests, just make sure you get some distance from the Armors so you can get the chests. For these  guys, be sure to to the circle prompt as soon as you see it.

Killing both will open the big door by the tree, so go back. Follow the path  all the way to a statue room place where you should get your 15th Gorgon Eye and health up. Go into the sawblade room to fight the same enemies from the gate. Just three Efreets on the unshielded Armors gives you the O prompt, but be sure to kill the Harpies first. Then take the path to find an orb chest and a save point. Then ring the bell.

BOSS: Charon

To start the fight, just use the Square attacks. When you see him “rev” up his scythe, just hold down L until his spinning attack is over, and then resume your offensive. That’s all you have to do over and over. At some point he will disappear and then pop up with three green orbs. Just stand back, wait for one to fire, and reflect it with L right before it hits, and if you are far back enough, you can reflect all three.

Keep up the offensive, blocking, and reflecting. Feel free to Efreet when he  starts his attack to stop it. And at some point he will go recharge his health at the green fog, and that will be the end of this battle.

*SPOILER* Yes, you WILL die no matter what.