God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


Temple of Helios Part 2

Back in the temple, you just use the point on the floor and then cross over the magical fire bridge to be at a place you’ve been before. You can go right, but that is only if you missed those chests before. If you got the chests on both  sides, just go left and through the door. Back at the lift, use the shield in  the center to go way up. There will be 70+ bird-Harpies! Just just press O  toward each one for easy kills all the way up. Open the chests and go up the  steps to a Phoenix Feather, health chest you shouldn’t need, and a save point.

Then open the door and go through for a fight with fire tossers and an Armor; remember, Square x 2 and then Triangle to break his shield. Just Efreet once  his shield is gone and then cyclone the fire guys to death and remember to  reflect their attacks if you have to.

After the fight, go to the lower left corner for a Gorgon Eye, and then the  upper right corner for orbs. Use the spot in the center to reveal a lever. Turn it right to reveal a statue and go pull it out and place it on the pressure pad. Turn the lever left to reveal another statue and go take this to the  pressure pad in the lower left. Then go to the lever so that the beam shines  and the statue’s beam will reveal another statue. Take it to the lower right  pad and do the same.

With all four statues, you must place them on the pads in a certain way. You need to get the two that point up (north if you will) to be on the lower pads, and then get the other two to that face left and right to face each other on the upper pads. With all four on, a platform will rise with two more reflecting points. If the statues are on right, you will get on the lever, the beam will shine, and if you jump on the raised platform you will find a glowing spot  where the two beams cross that you can use your shield. Then you will have a  place to touch under the horse statue. After the scene, go touch the new spot where the lever was to take a ride down below.

At the platform, go forward for a chest with a Phoenix Feather, go left for an orb chest, and go right for a door. In the hall you get an orb chest and health and magic chests. Go up the big steps to a familiar-looking room. There is a  Gorgon Eye in a chest to the right. Near the chest will be a statue that you  need to push onto the glowing spot. Once there, beat the statue up to reveal a glowing spot on top of it. Get up there and press L. Then go up the wall and  touch the spot under the statue to light the final beam at the shrine.

Take the door and you’ll be back at the climbside WAY at the start of this  temple. Climb the wall down and press X to slide all the way down. There is a fight with some undead, and then keep going back. Then you get another fight at the platform between the bridges; the Triangel x3 combo from level 2 Blades of Chaos seems to work nicely against all of these guys.

Back at the shrine, save and then turn the levers to light the steeds, then  use the point on the circular pad. Then it’s a long cutscene to Hades.