God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


The Caves of Olympus

Save and jump in the water. Go right for a Gorgon Eye and two orb chests (I got the Chaos upgrade 2 here, you may be close or already have it). Then go left and start climbing the rock wall. Then you’ll find Triton’s Lance and you can jump off the side and into the water. Swim left and dive with Square. While underwater, Square dives and X rises, and holding R will let you dash. Go all  the way left for a multi-chest and an orb chest. Then swim all the way right and dash through the bars to get through.

Dash through a second set of bars to find two orb chests and a Phoenix Feather. Keep going until you hit the lever. Pull it to reveal another path along the  rock wall. Take it up, noting the ceiling commands for the short distance, and at the top you will open a door.

*NOTE: You can save before climbing up the wall the second time, just in case you health is low and you don’t trust your skills.*

Then you meet a Minotaur. Do NOT use the cyclone attack. He has three main  attacks: a double sword swipe, a headbutt, and a charge. For the double swipe, just jump and then stay low, or roll back. For the headbutt, you can try to  repel it with the Sun Shield, but good luck with that; you should just stay a  bit away and roll after a few slashes. And he only charges when you’re far away from him. Just stay a bit away and do small slashes, and feel free to use up  all your magic on Efreet attacks. Try to save the health chest for after the  fight, but use it if you must. Though it’s hard to see, he will have a O above his head, so try to get him away from the wall and use it; if you’re close to the door you came from, it may block your view in the sequence.

After the fight, use the multi-chest for health, or magic if you haven’t lost any health. Turn the crank and go across the bridge for a boob-tastic cutscene – like seriously, did anyone catch what she said, or what her face looks like? After that, go left for a multi-chest for magic. Keep going and dive when at the water to find a Gorgon Eye in a chest, which should be your tenth and give you yet another health upgrade. Swim to dry land and kill some enemies, or  ignore. Save and use the chest if you like and go grab the Primordial Fire.

You will then see the three statues set their shields in front of you. Go to the back of the platform and wait for a shield to glow, face it, wait for it to fire, and tap L right before the fireball hits you. Do this three times and  you get the Light of Dawn. Then you have to kill six enemies that throw fire at you. Pressing L is easy to reflect, or you can test out the Light of Dawn. Either way, after they are dead, go left and right for orbs and a Phoenix  Feather and then go down the center; all of it is connected and it should be your tenth feather for another magic upgrade.

Open the door and go through, drop down, and it’s another fight. You can fight, or just jump off the side into the water below. Use the save point and go back through the portal.