God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


The Temple of Helios

Save and then check out the points of interest at this shrine, but nothing you can do now. Just save and cross the bridge. A quick fight with soldiers and  a Gorgon, so feel free to Efreet and cyclone followed by some grabs. Move along to the rocky area where you can bust some little spikes by the wall for orbs. Climb the cliff, ignoring the steps half-way up that leads to a locked door,  and there will be a long cutscene at the top.

Check the statue and then go straight left across the pool for a Gorgon Eye which should give you five and more health. There is an orb chest in the corner of the other pool, and then go save and don’t use the health chest if you don’t need to. Take the lift up.

Fight some bombers and then go into both little paths on the right for jars and a Phoenix Feather. Left of the lift will be a fight with some more nimble  enemies with two blades. Just block and then attack, and always grab one every now and then. When you grab one that is low on health, be ready to spin the  joystick from one side to another in a short time to a quick kill. Then use the chest and pull the lever. Then take the lift back down and save.

Swing into the courtyard and up the steps to go left. There is a pretty tough fight, but blocking, cyclones, and Efreets will get you by, just don’t grab  too much, and if you find the spinning joystick finisher hard, just don’t do it.

After the fight, go through the open gate, kill the bomber, pull the lever, and then go to the shiny door and spin the joystick to open it. Lots of plantars, an orb chest, and a breakable statue in this long hallway. At the end will be a fight with some birds (not Harpies I think). Just press O for all of them to grab and stomp them for easy kills. An orb chest in the corner and you can pull out both statues to reveal levers. Pull both and read the tablet in the center.

*NOTE: Either get the upgrade for the Efreet now or just wait for the Chaos  upgrade. You’ll get about 5000 soon, so it’s up to you. But I do say get the Efreet.*

Take the left door for a hall with many statues to break and a save point.  There is also a multi-chest that could give you enough orbs for the upgrade for the Efreet. Anyway, go back to the lever room and then take the right doorway. You have a fight with some new enemies, but all they do extra is perform a jumping attack that is unblockable, so roll away when they go to the air. Just pelt them with Square attacks and wait for the O prompt to do a one button press sequence. Then pull the lever and go through the open door, saving if you like.

In the next big room, below the stairs on the right will be a Phoenix Feather and some orb chests nearby. Then step on the lift and break the two clamps to get the lift dropping. It’s the same new enemies you just faced, so keep the  roll buttons ready. There are five or maybe six of them and the lift will stop at the bottom, whether you’re done with them or not. Then you will have to  fight what I will call an Armor. The game gives you the Square, Square,  Triangle button combo to break it’s shield, so do that and then follow up with an Efreet and maybe another. It will be hard to see, but you should either have the O prompt above its head, or you are close to getting it. When that is over, step off and open all the chests along the wall.

Up the steps and through the door will be a big room. Go right for a quick  statue and then left for two orb chests. Push over the pillar for a scene with chests of the other sort – ha ha, boobies. Read the tablet on the left and  then go right for a blinking point on the ground that will let you grab the wall and bring down a piece. Cross over and then come forward, or backward  depending on how you look at it, and you’ll find an orb chest along with a  Gorgon Eye. Then into the middle room; you can go left and right for orbs and an orb chest now or later. Then beat up on the throne to get the Sun Shield.

You will fight just three enemies and you can test out the Sun Shield; just tap L right before the enemy attacks to reflect it. It’s hard to do this, so  if you miss the first attack, just consider rolling away, or just don’t try it, it’s up to you. After the fight, take the stairs on either side all the way up for statues, chests, and a Gorgon Eye. Feel free to upgrade the Sun Shield as it is cheap. Then go into the bottom room and into the recovery area for health and magic and a save point. Go up the stairs to be back at the start of the temple.

Go left for a fight with archers and Sabre Tooths. The Efreet does wonders  against the tigers, and it helps clear the archers too. After the fight, use the shield on the center of the circular area to reveal steps. Take them down to a room with two big statues that you can move. Push them forward and get an orb chest on the left. Then come to the big wall and pull it out. Quickly jump up to the top to the horse statue and open the door on the left for two orb chests. Then go back to the wall and pull it out again. As it retreats, go  around the left side and jump in the opening to get on the other side.

Go around to the right to find a Phoenix Feather. Then go pull both statues back so that the light goes into the two spots on the wall. Then jump on the  platform, stand on the glowing spot, press L to use the Sun Shield, and then tap O to use the light. Then go back to the previous room and go up to the  horse statue to set a light back at the shrine. Take the big steps down and  you’ll hit a health chest.

In this big room, go right for a Gorgon Eye. And then left through a portal.