God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


The City of Marathon

Save and break open the door for a quick scene. You can test out your new moves on him, and it’s good because you should block his attacks too while not doing the Cyclone of Chaos, and feel free to use the Efreet too if he’s blocking. Go through the doorway and break the wooden boards you see in front of you for an orb chest and a another chest which doesn’t have an eye or feather.

*NOTE: Grabbing these guys as they block works too, and there is a death  animation when they are almost dead.*

Run into the open for a fight with three undead; remember to do cyclones and  use the Efreet when they block. There is an orb chest in the first house, and then you run into another fight as well as undead archers that fire faster than humans. Quickly kill the soldiers and then cyclone the archers to death. There is health and magic chests, as well as another orb chest in a house on the  left side of the street, and then two in the next house on the right.

At the fog and after the quick scene, push the box through the fog for a short distance to open the door. Inside, near the door will be a chest with a Gorgon Eye. Move ahead to fight a Gorgon. You can Efreet over and over until the O appears above its head, or attack and dodge or block its attacks. When these things shriek, quickly tap the L and R one after the other and roll away to avoid the attack, or block. If you do the button press, there are just two. You will probably have to fight one more, but whatever you do, quickly turn the crank on the right to close the gate and stop the flow of Gorgon.

Kill the archers down the way, grab the orb chest on the right, and then go back for a torch on the statue. Bring it to the wagon down the slope and toss it in. Start pushing it through the fog until there is an archer on the left. Stop and then go and kill him and open the chests. Then push the wagon a bit farther for an enemy on the right. Kill him and collect a Phoenix Feather in a chest for what should be your fifth to gain more magic. Keep pushing the  wagon to the end and run forward.

Now you encounter a Sabre Tooth Tiger? Whatever it is, you can Efreet it until the O appears and then follow the three joystick sequences. Either that or pelt him with Square attacks and dodge and roll his attacks, or just cyclone and  block if you can. Then break the rock on the right, kill some archers, open some chests, and then climb up the wall.