God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


Shores of Attica Part 2

You obtain The Efreet. Then you can test it out on the few enemies, and then go hit both gates to open them. On the left is a save and the door to go  beyond, but you want to go into the cell on the right for a hot naked encounter with two prisoners (you can only earn orbs once, but feel free to play as many times as you must). Take the path out after you save.

The object in this area is to kill the enemies, knock down both ladders, and then turn the ballista into position to fire at the Basilisk. Don’t forget to  use the health/magic chest for whatever you need. Before you leave, go to the ballista and turn it to look straight ahead, where it should lock into place. Look into the distance and notice a structure, but you will probably look at the wrong place. Either way, just fire a bolt and you should see part of a  wall break. That is for a hidden chest later on.

Break some jars on the sides and then up the ladder (I hope you realize that crates and barrels are always around, so I shouldn’t have to mention them all the time). Up the ladder will be an orb and Phoenix Feather chest. Then go turn the crank to go below.

In the open you run into another Cyclops. Just pelt him with combos, aerial and press Triangle is my preferred attack, and then roll away as soon as he starts to attack. Don’t forget to use your Efreet and when he’s low, go do the button press. Then use the two chests and go out the gate.

Through it will be some archers, and then grab the orb chest and the Gorgon Eye on the left. Save and go up the ladder to wall climb. At the top, make your way right and knock down two ladders, then jump across a gap to land on a roof with two archers. Kill them and grab the orb chest and the Phoenix Feather. Now jump back and go kill the other archer on the other roof, and go ahead and kill the others and knock down the ladders. Now, if you used the ballista way back to make a hole in this structure, go inside for the Gorgon Eye and don’t forget to use that multi-chest. Then go break the wall on the right and pull the lever that will take you down, and you can’t come back up.

*NOTE: If you didn’t use the ballista to make the hole, you could have gone the relatively-short distance back to do it still.*

Down here, go left for orbs in crates and a chest. At this time you should  go to the pause menu where you will find the Power Up screen, as well as other screens if you press L or R. But if you press X while you have the Blades of  Chaos selected, you will spend your orbs toward an upgrade. You should be about 600 or so short, so keep that in mind as you progress. And yes, you could spend them on your Efreet, but don’t. Anyway, go through the door atop the steps.

After the scene, go kill the soldiers. Where you find the archers, there will be an orb chest, and then go around the corner for an alley with two more. After you comb the area for crates, go find the big box and kick it onto the pressure pad by the door. Then pick up the body you saw the Basilisk drop and take it through to drop it on another pressure pad. Go through the second door.

An orb chest, save point, health and magic, then a Phoenix Feather, and all of it in this hallway. Open the door and go out into the wide open area for what else, a boss fight.

BOSS: Basilisk Round 2

Run to the end of the bridge and he will show. The trick is to attack, but not up close. He has three attacks while on the bridge: claw swipe, chomps  twice, and fire sweep. You dodge the swipe by rolling, even into the claw just before it strikes will work, usually. To avoid the chomping, you must not be too close and hopefully on the left side, so that all you have to do is roll backward, but not too far so that he will move up closer. And the fire is jump- overable.

As far as attacking, just stay on the left and attack his claw, but make sure you aren’t attacking the sides and missing him. He may also get you in a bite, but shouldn’t see it unless you are at the end of the bridge; and you just tap L and R one after the other. The object is to fight him back toward the door where he will jump above and spit fireballs. Just don’t get too far from him so that he moves farther from the door, but attack the claw from a medium  distance and pelt with Square attacks.

When he is above the door, run toward his claw and notice the fireballs. Jump when they almost hit the ground and press O when you can. All you have to do is spin the joystick left from the top around in “light” circles, and I say light because spinning as fast as you can doesn’t seem to work, but not too light; just make sure you are pulling him toward you.

Then you must repeat pushing him back one more time, which will be just the same process. After this time, there will be one more go at his claw on the  bridge, and as soon as you stun him, quickly run to his throat and press O. Follow the button presses and you’re done.

Don’t forget to upgrade the Blades of Chaos. Go open the chest for a Phoenix Feather, then climb over the ledge for an orb chest, and then climb down to the bottom.