God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


The Shores of Attica

This is on the normal difficulty.

*NOTE: Remember, you have a move list if you press Start and then R.*

Start by killing the first wave of enemies, learning to combo both attacks and finishing with the heavy attack for the power slam on the ground. Use the grab and the double jump, and remember you can attack while in the air. Eventually you will see a focus on the ballista and more enemies will appear. Just kill  them and then go pull back on the arrow, fire, bust the crates on this roof,  check the body on the side, and then jump down.

*NOTE: You could save the upcoming chest, if you are at full health.*

BOSS: Basilisk

Just a few enemies to finish off down here, more crates, and a health chest.  When you try to open the door, be ready to mash the O button in the scene, and then a fight with another monster. This fight is a joke, as about every other hit will spill health. Just attack and be ready to dodge both attacks, but it doesn’t matter a whole lot. When the O appears above the Basilisk’s head, go follow the button sequence. Then out the door.

On the beach, just watch for the glowing red circles on the ground as you push the ram to the gate, but before you bust it down, go open the red orb chest on the right and save your game on the left. Use the ram to bust down the door and go through for a fight.

At the broken bridge you just swim over the water and kill the archers, and  remember you can jump and dodge to avoid the arrows. There is a health chest if you need it. For the crank, you just turn it to lower the door and then run through before it closes. It’s simple, just turn it so that you end up on the side in the direction of the door, run, and then do a dodge to roll under the door.

There is a fight and then break the wooden boards that reveal a ladder. Climb up to the next level, jump off, and open a chest for a Gorgon Eye. At the  top, press O to knock down the block, fight, and then go left for an orb  chest. Then go right and across a beam, careful to keep your balance, and then you hit a health chest and a door.

BOSS: Persian King

After the scene, you got a fight with a Persian King, which is odd. Either way, he is dangerous, so know when to block, when to double jump away, and when to dodge. For his normal swinging attack, just block (L), but for his charging attack where his blade turns red, just jump away or roll. For his big attack where you see a big red guy above his head, be sure to roll away. Just keep using your Square button to pelt him with small, ranged attacks, and combo when you see fit, but when you do combo you must be ready to avoid any attack he may use. You don’t have to focus on the minions, but don’t let them swarm you or anything if you know what I mean; just attack them when he is not  nearby. Once you see the O above his head, do the button press sequence, which is done only after the cutscene.