God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


Bonus Stuff and Game Modes

Unlocked with first completion:

  • Challenge of Hades
  • Character images
  • God Mode
  • In-Game Movies
  • Inside Ready at Dawn Studios movie
  • Spud of War costume
  • Bonus Play

Beat Challenge of Hades:

  • Environments images
  • The Lost Levels movie
  • McKratos costume

Beat God Mode:

  • Making of Attica movie
  • Outtakes images
  • Mime of War costume

Bonus Play: Just start a new game from the difficulty you beat to get the option to use all your old powers and weapons, as well as any new costumes.

Challenge of Hades: Just five challenges that I have yet to complete. If some expert would like to make a guide for this for me, I’d gladly accept it as I need to tackle the Mass Effect DLC. I could even post three or so from three different people; just keep it short.

God Mode: Is just the hardest difficulty of the game.

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Q: Will I tackle the extra game modes?

A: Not likely, but maybe in an update.

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