God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


Attacks and Combo List

The Blades of Chaos

The good old favorite of the series, and the things you’ll use the vast majority of the game. They are great, but the longer combos leave you exposed to attacks, so use them wisely.

attack buttons notes
Icarus Lift (air) X *Not really an attack, just letting you know you have a double jump.
Hyperion Ascension* Hold Triangle *Perhaps the best attack for the blades, and you can combo it with the Harpoon or any other aerial combo.
Orion’s Harpoon (air)* O *Just an aerial grab.
Plume of Prometheus Square, Square, and Triangle
Cyclone of Chaos* L + Square *You’ll need to hold off trying to abuse this.
Cyclone of Chaos (air)* L + Square *You’ll need to hold off trying to abuse this.
Spirit of Hercules Triangle x 3
Valor of Hercules Triangle, Triangle, Square
Hyperion Might* Hold Square *Not much of an attack, just a strong hit.
Rampage of the Furies* L + O *A long combo, and better than the cyclone.
Rampage of the Furies (air)* L + O *A much better aerial combo than the cyclone in the air, but you fall quicker.
Hermes Rush (evading)* R + L + move, Hold Square *Done while rolling.
Hermes Rise (evading)* R + L + move, Hold Triangle *Done while rolling.
Tartarus Rage* L + Triangle *Good, strong attack, but slow.
Tartarus Rage (air) L + Triangle


The Gauntlet of Zeus

This is way better than the Blades, especially after some upgrades. Just normal attacks will stun normal enemies, and then the charged attacks own big guys too. It’s not like a game-breaker, but it’s darn close.

*NOTE: You can charge ALL of these attacks by holding the buttons down a bit.*

attack buttons notes
Strength of Zeus* Hold either Square or Triangle *Just charged version of the normal attack. Charged Square breaks shields easily.
Olympic Strike* L + Square *This is just like the Streak and Stinger from Devil May Cry 4, only this move isn’t nearly useful. It’s nice, but not as nice to abuse.
Olympic Strike (air)* L + Square *This slams you down to the ground at an angle.
Hermes Cross (evading)* R + L + move, Hold Square *Done while rolling.
Hermes Revenge (evading)* R + L + move, Hold Triangle *Done while rolling.
Lightning Run* L + O *This is the base move for the next two.
Lightning Thrash (running)* L + O + Square *As you are doing a Lightning Run.
Lightning Surge (running)* L + O + Triangle *As you are doing a Lightning Run.
Lightning Thrash (air) L + O
Olympic Thunder* L + Triangle *Powerful ground slam.
Olympic Thunder (air)* L + Triangle

*NOTE: Again, you can charge ALL of those attacks by holding the buttons down a bit.*

The Efreet

Perhaps the best magic attack from ANY GAME EVER MADE! And I do mean that. The first upgrade allows you to keep pounding the ground, and the third gives Efreet a powerful finishing blow. Did I mention each upgrade makes it stronger? Perhaps get this as strong as you can BEFORE the Blades of Chaos, or at least get it’s level 2 ASAP.


attack buttons notes
Demon Fury R + Triangle
Demon Fury (air) R + Triangle
Demon Inferno* R + Triangle + Tap O *This is key, so tap as soon as you can or you’ll miss it.

Light of Dawn

Eh, never used it. Why use it when the Efreet does so much more? Don’t waste orbs on the upgrades.

attack buttons notes
Solar Flare R + Square
Solar Flare (air) R + Square
Radiant Sun R + Hold Square

Charon’s Wrath

Good the first time you use it, and then you realize it consumes a lot of magic. Actually semi-useful against the last boss, but keep using Efreets instead. Upgrades allow you to hit more enemies, yipee (that means don’t bother until after you have everything else)!  At least you can aim it???


attack buttons notes
Charon’s Wrath R + O
Charon’s Wrath (air) R + O

Sun Shield

The normal reverse, which blocks melee attacks, is the most useful. I hardly used the counter moves. The reflect is mostly used for key situations, as it’s not really worth using on arrows and such. Upgrade is best saved for after you have everything else.

attack buttons notes
Helios Reverse Tap L
Helios Flash (parry) Square after a successful reverse
Helios Offensive (parry) Triangle after a successful reverse
Helios Reflect Tap L on projectiles