God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


Fields of Elysium

Bravely fend off your daughter and then start killing the ghosts, all of them to gain your blades back. With them will be enemies that spawn on the field, but just ignore them and keep hunting down all the ghosts you see. You’ll gain several abilities and everything else.

*NOTE: Don’t forget, you should officially have all your powers upgraded to  the max!*

After the scene where you leave Calliope, just run toward the ruins, ignoring the enemies in the field, and there will be a fight. Archers and soldiers,  then a Sabre, and then an Armor and Archers; use the Gauntlet for all phases, and though it seems odd, the regular Square attack and charged Square attack  works too great.

With the last of the normal enemies behind you, go use both chests, save, and  then up the stairs. Don’t forget to max out any upgrades left.

BOSS: Persephone

After the cutscene the final fight is on. There are two phases to this fight. The first is a standard fight. Just use the Blades of Chaos and pelt here with two or three or four Square attacks at a time, and then double jump away from her punches. She will either fly up with green fists and charge at you for a  double punch, or she will toss a rock at you; double jumping avoids the punches and just moving to the side avoids the rock. Feel free to back her up to a  corner and Efreet, because if you do it in the open most of it will miss. And  use up all the Efreet too because you’ll get more.

At about the halfway point, be ready to tap L and R and then go into a button press sequence with Atlas. If you pull it off, you’ll be in phase 2 of the  fight with full health and magic.

*NOTE: Remember you have Rampage of the Furies too, which is better than the Cyclone.*

For phase 2, she will be in the air. Just get some distance, but not too far away, and be ready to reflect her dark energy ball. When she is stunned, feel free to use Charon’s Wrath and then jump in the air and do Cyclones on her.  She may do a beam of light after, so just run away. And then it will start to take more energy balls to stun her, so stay frosty. Be ready to run from many beams and pillars, and for the pillars you need to just run in zig zags. At  some point she will start to re-reflect the energy ball, which will look like a fireball, so be ready to keep reflecting it as much as possible if you want to stun her. And yes, it will take more and more reflecting after each stun from here on out.

When she is almost dead, she will fall to the ground and you’ll see dark mist around her. This is when you’ll use the beam of light in the center of the  arena. Press L inside to use the Sun Shield and then be ready for the button presses, and don’t rush on the presses, but don’t worry if you mess up as you will be right back at this point. It’s just three buttons, and don’t have your finger over any button as you will probably press that button no matter what.

After this, just sit back and watch the final cutscene and credits. Stay tuned after the credits for one last scene that ties stuff together in that deus ex machina kinda way.