God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


The Temple of Persephone

You gain Charon’s Wrath after the scene. Test this attack, which doesn’t use  magic, on the enemies here and kill them. Go onto the docks for health and a save point.

*NOTE: After the first fight on the ship, Charon’s Wrath then will consume  magic, so feel free to use the Efreet over it.*

Go in the temple and you’ll be a room with some reading material. You can  smash the pedestal things in here, two chests on both sides, and three tablets to read. Go up into the next room to fight two Sabres in a row along with bombers and normal enemies. Efreet saves all and use the Gauntlet. After,  there are three chests to grab before you go up the stairs.

*NOTE: The Gauntlet help in all these fights, at least to stun enemies, so  keep the equipped by default. And you should have more than enough to get it to level 3. Don’t forget Charon’s Wrath and it’s upgrades.*

You’re still chasing Calliope, and in this long room you’ll fight birds,  soldiers, and Medusa Statues. Use the Gauntlet’s held Triangle attack to smash a few of the heads to make a safe area. Then kill the birds, and just Square attack the enemies to death. Don’t need Efreets, but feel free.

After the fight, go into the next room for three chests and a save point. In the next room you face Harpies and three Armored Cyclops. Grab the Harpies  and don’t forget to Efreet the big guys to death if you want easy kills; and  you can pound them before they fully emerge to break their armor with the Gauntlet. After, open the top door to see two chests, and then take the other door.

You’re back in another of these rooms, so quickly smash a few statue heads to  make a safe area. More of the same as last time, so just Square attack with  the Gauntlet for easy kills. Then into the next room for Minotaur action.  Again, Efreets kill, especially if you back them into the walls. Olympic Strike (L + Square) is especially devastating. It’s three Minotaurs, four or so  soldiers, and then a final Minotaur, so spend all your Efreets on the big guys and just Gauntlet the smaller ones.

Use the chest and go to the lift down the hallway. As you go up, there will be a broken wall to fight birds, then a room with two chests, another broken wall with birds, then a broken wall with a chest, and then you’ll be at the top. You fight some birds, then some purple Medusas, and then an Armored Cyclops. Birds and Cyclops are same as before, and all the new Medusas do is curl up  tight and then launch at you to wrap you up, which turns you into stone so  quickly tap to get free. Just Gauntlet them and the Cyclops; Olympic Strike  is good for distance hits, but the normal Square attack is best.

After the fight, go through the door on the right for two chests and then through the upper door for a save point and probably two chests you don’t need. Save, upgrade as much as you can (which should be almost everything), and then go through the door to the groves.

Run forward for a cutscene, and correct me if I’m wrong, or just way too  immature, but her’s are the first concealed jugs of the game. After, press O at the tree and follow the three commands to lose all your stuff. Then go through the portal for a cutscene.