God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


The Depths of Tartarus

*NOTE: The chains coming out of the ground can be broken for orbs.*

Break free and come toward the screen for what should be your 15th Phoenix  Feather and a save point. Move along the path and kill all the prisoners you  see to gain health, and yes, for no reason at all, more boobies! At the fork, go right to fight six soldiers and four archers, in two waves. Use up all your Efreet on the soldiers and kill the archers, then kill the prisoners and grab  the magic chest where the archers were. Then come back to the fork and go  left for a scene.

*NOTE: If you haven’t already, plan to get the level 3 Efreet soon.*

You will then fight some meaner Harpies than the last ones. You can’t grab them right off like the weaker ones, so just pelt them with some attacks and then grab them. After that, go into the tunnel for more chains and naked prisoners. Open the door for a fight with soldiers and archers, and feel free to use the level 3 Efreet if you got it. Go right and jump for a chest by another archer and then go across the big chain for a save point.

*NOTE: Not sure if the all-white chests from here on out have Gorgon Eyes or Phoenix Feathers, but they may if you missed one earlier.*

Climb the rock wall, kill the Harpies and the Medusa at the top. Left and right has two chests, and then pull out Hades and Poseidon. Turn the crank and go through all the way for a fight with a Minotaur and some archers. Just grab  each archer to kill them and get them out of the way. For the big guy, get him close to a wall if you want and do a level 3 Efreet and then another; so long as you get the first and last hit from the Efreet on him, just two will allow you to do the circle prompt on him which is just a three button sequence. And then you get one more, so two more Efreets and a button press.

Use the multi-chest, most likely on magic, and then go up the left stairway. One soldier and then save your game. Break the wall and follow the walkway for an orb chest, and then sidle along the wall to get to the other side. Break  the cracked wall and pull the lever. Drop down and there are two chests, but you probably don’t need them. Go up for four archers you can grab, and then pull the lever. Go grab the Cryptkeeper’s Key on the wall, and then kick his body over the side. Go right and save your game.

Jump back down to the open area and place his body on the pressure pad in the center, and then use the key on the lock. Cross the bridge for two chests and another save point, so use it and go into the shrine area. Fight the two armors where just two Efreets should do it. Then touch the center of the floor and  you must quickly spin the joystick around to pull down the statue of Zeus. Grab the Gauntlets of Zeus.

*NOTE: You can charge up ALL of the combos and moves for this thing, so keep that in mind as you get upgrades.*

Then you must fight a bunch of soldiers with shields. You can charge up the  Square attack to break them if you want, but the Efreet works fine too. After, cross back over the bridge, use the two chests on the right if you saved them, and then break the wall. Go through and a spiked wall will chase you to the  revolving door, and you just use a few light Square attacks to bust the walls. Break the Statue of Zeus, then Poseidon for a chest, and then Hades for the  path.

You’ll emerge in a big room with a fight with just three Harpies. First, go  right and cross over the lower chain to climb a wall where you hit a chest and a save point. Follow the path and drop into a battle with Harpies and an  Armored Cyclops. Use the Gauntlet to break his layers of armor and then beat  him up with charged hits and roll away to avoid his; kill the Harpires first, which should be a given, and you can just hit them with Square with the  Gauntlet and then press O to kill them. And remember, Efreet does wonders  against the big guy.

*NOTE: Don’t forget the chains coming out of the ground and that you can  press Down on the D-pad to switch weapons. Also, you can upgrade the Gauntlets if you want; the new move you get is similar to the Stinger/Streak from Devil May Cry 4.*

Turn both cranks and then go across the new chain links to be back at the starting point. Kill the two soldiers and consider going back to the save  point as there is are Medusas coming up. Climb up the wall on the left and  kill two Medusas and some shielded soldiers; Efreet the Gorgons and then pound the soldiers to death. Use the two chests on the left and then turn the single crank. Go back to the start area and double jump along the platforms. Follow the tunnel and open the door.

Just three archers to grab, and then take the right path for more naked  prisoners and then open a door for a quick scene. Go right for a chest and then up the rock wall. You’ll notice at the top there is a small gap in the wall, so jump over it and follow it to a door at the top. Open it and go through for a chest in the tunnel, drop down for three chests, and then take the ladder  back up. Return to the gap and go up for a single Minotaur (Efreet to death) and then either Light of Dawn them or reflect a lot of arrows (face them if  you want to reflect them). Turn the right crank for a chain, and then turn the left crank for an orb chest, and don’t forget the magic chest before you cross.

*NOTE: Even getting the level 2 Gauntlets, I was still able to get level 5  Blades of Chaos around this point, so keep that in mind. And the new combo for it is pretty good.*

Save your game and go into the next room for a fight. Kill the two waves of  archers first with grabs, and then the soldiers. Pull both cranks and climb  along the wall and ceiling. Open the two chests, pull the lever, and then go  back to the chain room. Approach the new opening for a quick scene and then  jump on the wall. You can wait for the enemies to come toward you and then do a Triangle attack to avoid risking being grabbed. Make it to the other side and save.

Get on the platform, kill the birds, and then start turning. Along the way,  two soldiers pop up so kill them quickly and keep turning, then two more birds, and that should be it to the end. Jump onto the lower gear and start turning.  Three soldiers that can be Efreeted twice, and then three birds and a shield soldier (just use the gauntlet to knock him off), and keep turning. Jump over and up to reach a chain you can knock across to make a long bridge. Cross the  bridge for a cutscene and you’ll be somewhat out of the depths.

Climb and go to the open area with two chests. Break the wall and you’ll be  back in the sawblade room, but you DON’T have to fight. Just go right to be at the familiar save point. Save, crush the gate, and go through.

BOSS: Charon Round 2

Same as before for the first part. Just Square attacks, block his attacks,  and reflect his magic. This time, when he goes to power up, quickly run to the green pillars with your Gauntlets and break one.

Now he will do an attack I don’t believe you can avoid, but you can try to roll away; he’ll only use it twice, and then he goes back into the same routine as before. So remember to quickly smash a pillar when he recharges.

After the second pillar, he will start doing a ground point that sends shock- waves for a good distance. Just get some distance, wait for him to lift his  scythe, and then double jump until the wave passes. He’ll do it 3 or 4 times, and after the middle shockwave he will be stuck, so go up and use your best  combos, maybe some Cyclones. Then he will keep the shockwaves, so keep avoiding and attacking after the center shockwave. Three Cyclones in a row and he may  go back to his normal routine, or keep the shockwaves going.

When he goes to the pillars for the last time, bust it and he will be stunned. Go up and press O, and then go grab the mask, but the fight is not quite over. It’s just his torso, and he only has the magic orb attack. Reflect three, go  press O, follow two button presses and then mash the O button to end the  fight.