God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

Took a while, but perhaps the PSP finally has it’s very own killer app, whereas the DS just tossed out as much Mario and Sudoku as possible. I’ll be honest,  I just got this PSP a few weeks ago, not even for this game, but the timing is more than coincidence. To anyone thinking of getting a PSP just for this game, also grab Tekken.

As far as this game, it’s short, and I would have thought it shorter had I not been writing this guide while playing, among other things that interrupted  playing time. You get six hours, seven hours tops, but that should not be a  knock against this game. Just like Call of Duty 4, this game cuts out the  filler and delivers solid gameplay from start to finish. Just think of it this way: if you like condensed, more solid gameplay that is short, you’ll not feel cheated at all, and if you prefer as much playing time as possible with as  much repitition as can be tolerated, go grab Mass Effect or Assassin’s Creed (yeah, those games are great, but not perfect).

This game is way smooth for visuals – something about maxing out the processor or something like that. It’s got great graphics, sounds awesome, good enough story that even ties into the other two titles, and the combat is pure fun. If you got a PSP, no reason to pass this up.


button action button action
X button jump O button grab, use, most-used in button-pressing sequences
Triangle heavy attack square light attack
L button evade with R and tilt stick, block R button evade with L and tilt stick, used with other buttons for magic
D-pad Down will change weapons when you get the second Start upgrade screen, move list, and inventory
Select pause and options

Starter Tips

  • Combos are over-doing it – seriously, they may be fun to perform, but most  just lead to you getting hit mid-combo. While an enemy is on the ground is  probably the best time to do a long combo, otherwise, stick to simple moves.
  • Watch for the O prompt, and sometimes don’t – early on, the mini game to kill most enemies is the best way to kill them. But late in the game, it may be  best just to use the Gauntlet’s charged up Square attack or an Efreet.
  • You can block most attacks – simple as that. It’s usually a better tactic than rolling or jumping away, and you’ll know the attacks you can and can’t  block from each enemy.
  • Grab the right enemies – you can just walk up and grab a lot of the early  enemies, but later enemies won’t be so easy. Late in the game, most enemies  require some damage before you can grab them.
  • Efreet, nuff said – yeah, use it to kill big enemies or large groups of bad  guys. You get a lot of blue orbs throughout, so don’t be afraid to use this to save you from death, and yes, you are invincible while doing it. It’s even  better with upgrades.
  • Gauntlet of Zeus > Blades of Chaos – yes, the equation doesn’t lie. It’s  mainly because the gauntlet will stun enemies and even stop their attacks. This is the weapon to use to finish off enemies that have the O above their head,  just it’s Square attack is enough.
  • You have a move list screen – Just press start and R to see all the combos  and moves you have while in game. Refer to section 5 for advice on each attack and all the combos.