Go Download Firefox!


Daniel's Browser Rant

“GO DOWNLOAD FIREFOX!” That’s what I’ve been screaming to people in my personal surroundings. “Why?”, one might ask? Well, I’m Dutch, and the Dutch are notoriously cheap bastards. I heard that the phenomena they call Firefox is free and more importantly free of spyware and popups.

I’ve used Internet Explorer for a long time since it always did the job. In the last few years the Internet has grown so full of crap that I’ve had more then enough! Open a website and be greeted with 2 or 3 annoying popups all over my screen! Sometimes I miss the old plan text html pages, back where there where no Flash movies, and MP3 was just getting a grip on the web…. it was a simpler time.

We all get vast amounts of spam you get in our email boxes all day, but isn’t the World Wide Web exactly the same – it’s impossible to visit a site and not have flashing banners and popus screaming “You won 10.000$$$ !!!, Participate in 1001 surveys and buy cheap crap online that you’ll never use!”. Thank you very much but my penis doesn’t need enlarging, I have all the pharmaceuticals I need, and I don’t need to find a cheap date tonight.

When I used IE I had to run a spyware removal program on a regular basis, not because I didn’t know how to use “The Internet”, but because I can’t get around those stupid popups and strange programs that love to install Trojan viruses, spyware and other crap.

Then I was introduced to Firefox. “Well, it can’t get any worse”, I thought. With that idea in the back of my head I downloaded the program….

…and welcome to the internet the way it was supposed to be! Needless to say I’m totally hyped about Firefox; else I wouldn’t write this rant nor would I still be using it to this day. The best part is that I didn’t have 500 leaks that needed constant patching, it doesn’t install trojan downloaders behind my back and effectively stops popups!

Now in the time that Firefox has been around obviously it’s going to get cracked and leaks will be found but I still have faith in this open-source browser. Mozilla has always released patches quickly (if not instantly), thus it still gives me the Internet as it’s meant to be.