GMC X7 X-Station Case Review


Bling Yo Case

I love building computers. In the words of Duff Goldman, I like to make them bigger, badder, awesome. The thing is, that takes money. And in this industry, a freakin’ lot of money. Computer parts have dropped in price by comparison to when PCs were just becoming the big thing. I don’t think that the computer world really knew what it was in for when this rage go started. More people are customizing their cases today than their cars. Remember that whole Fast and Furious moment when everyone wanted to turn their car into a street racer with those annoying spoilers and lights everywhere? Well, case modding was around before then, and is still around now that car modding has become mundane.

What I love is that case makers are no longer giving us only flat gray cases anymore. You can get pretty much anything you want from a multitude of websites, and if they don’t have it they’ve got a starter case than you can build up the way you want it. When I saw the X7 X-Station from GMC, I said to myself: Now that’s a cool case. It gives you the feeling that at any moment it could transform into a robot or something. Or that it could possibly be a container for some world-ending virus. Either way, it’s the kind of thing I enjoy. And, it’s flat black…. someone loves me.

I actually began modding up a case that looked something like this a few years ago. It was intended to look like an F-45A fighter jet. It didn’t come out as intended. I never said I was always good at what I do. So when I got a look at this case, my first thought was that this could look awesome with lights. So I’m gonna shove a few in there when this review is over. But let’s chat about the case itself for a moment.

X7″X-station” is a middle tower PC case features luxurious black color and outstanding design. The X7 is specially developed with cooling system through out all the parts.

01 Gaming PC case (strong cooling system)
02 Easy swap bay (5.25″ and 3.5″ bay)
03 Easy front panel detachment
04 Vast internal space enough for the large graphic card
05 System check through front LCD indicator
06 Side fan installed (fan controller included)
07 front AC’97 and HD AUDIO
08 front USB port 4 pcs
09 Multi power switch – available for under and up the desk
10 Accessory box included
Form factor
ATX, Micro-ATX
Power supply
425(D) x 420(H) x 190(W)
White, Black, LimeGreen, OceanBlue, Hotpink, Orange, SkyBlue
5.25″ Bay
3.5″ Bay
1 (External), 5 (Internal)
Multi port
USB 2.0 x 4, Sound (Microphone, Earphone) port, HD AUDIO
Cooling system
Front: 120mm cooling fan
Rear: 120mm cooling fan
Side: 80mm cooling fan & PCI Air hole
Expansion Port
7 Slots

Next we look at the ouside of the case and its features…