GMC R2 Toast Case Review


Totally Toasted

When you hop into a brand new GMC, you know you are getting all the power of a gas guzzling, four wheel drive behemoth that has sustained rednecks in their quest to get to their sister’s trailer for the last few decades. Oh… this isn’t that kind of GMC. Okay, I’ll start over. Sorry rednecks.

If there’s one thing nerds and geeks love to do with a new case, it’s destroy it and make something cooler out of it. But what if you had a case whose ROM drive popped up like toast? Yeah, I’d still mod it too, but wouldn’t that be cool? Introducing the GMC R-2 Toast. This thing cool looking on its own, but when you add in the little extras that GMC were generous enough to throw in, it’s actually pretty damned sweet.

My case is white with a black front and a flashy chrome disc in the middle. Blue LED lights shine down from inside the front. And if that isn’t enough, the optical drive mounts vertically, so the drawer actually pops up instead of out. Just like a piece of toast. Crusty. Here are some specs on the case itself:

Model R2 ‘Toast’
Dimension ( W x D x H ) Chassis 180 x 290 x 420 mm
Color White, Black, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue
Drive Bay 5.25″ x 1, 3.5″ x 2 (internal)
Expansion Slots 7 Slots
Motherboard Size ATX, Micro ATX, Full ATX
Weight 4.2 Kg
Cooling CAG 1.1
Rear Fan 80mm x 2