GMC Noblesse AVC-S7 Slimline Home Theater Case

GMC Noblesse AVC-S7 Slimline Home Theater Case
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I love Home Theater PC cases.  Several years ago there weren’t many to choose from, and many of them looked more like PC equipment rather than OEM home theater equipment.  Now there are several great designs that look like they belong in your rack of audio equipment, and have functionality that makes them work like a true home theater appliance.

GMC (not to be confused with General Motors) is a relatively new company to the U.S. market, but have been producing quality computer products in South Korea for some time now.  They have several innovative HTPC cases, and one of their latest is the Noblesse AVC-S7 Home Theater PC Case.  This slimline case incorporates alot of pre-installed hardware into its chasis, so it can alsmost be considered a barebone PC kit… all that’s needed is your motherboard (with CPU and memory) and a hard drive.


Model AVC-S7
Dimension ( W x D x H ) Chassis : 430 X 340 X 67mm
Carton Box : 478 x 428 x 114mm
Color Silver / Black
Multi Port IEEE1394 x 1port, USB2.0 x 2port, Audio + MIC port
Slot type Slim ODD DVD Combo
Form Factor Micro ATX(Low Profile) & MoDT Support
Drive Bay 3.5″ x 1 ( Int)
Expansion Slots 1 Slot(Riser Card – PCI or PCI Express)
Cooling Air Hole for CPU, Air Hole for PCI express
VFD Module 16 x 2 Character VFD
Jog Button
Driver installation Driver CD x 1
Manual English edition
Power Supply Micro ATX Power Support
Optional Remote Control : IrDA Remocon, 16 x 2 VDF Display

* Ultra-Slim HTPC Case
Support Micro ATX
Support Micro ATX Power Supply(PS3)
Provide multi operation software through the iMEDIAN
The best solution for multimedia such as TV, Music, Movie and photo
User-friendly IrDA remote controller
Optional PCI riser card kit
Support slim DVD Combo(DVD-Rom 8x, CDRW 24x, Multi DVD reading support)

* Front panel function
Support system information and EQ visualization in 16 X 2 VFD display
Menu navigation jog button, Enter button
Modern style Half mirror look

* Thermal Solutions
Support Air hole in the Top cover

* Safe Assembly
Folded edge for each part

* USB 2.0 FPIO Support
Support USB 2.0 X 2, audio and microphone port FPIO
Support IEEE1394 x 1

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    GMC Noblesse AVC-S7 Slimline I have been looking to purchase the GMC Noblesse AVC-S7 Slimline for some time. Are you a seller and or can you tell me where to purchase one. Thanx

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