GMC AVC-K1 Media PC Case Review


PC + Darth Vader

The GMC Corporation (not to be confused with General Motors in the USA) is a Korean company that has produced some of the most innovative case designs in recent memory.  OCmodshop has had a chance to review some of their creations in the past,  and each of their designs has provided a good shot in the arm of ingenuity for the PC industry.

The same can be said for the Home Theater PC Market.  Now, everyone is jumping on board with Media Cases, and many of them copy each others features or designs, so that many start to look rather stale in comparison.  If you take a look down the Boom Box (or “Personal Stereo”) aisle of Best Buy, you will see that music systems have changed dramatically in the past decade.  Stereo equipment is no longer the sleek black box, but in-your-face designs with custom VFDs and a million flashing lights.  Why can’t we have the same look in our Personal Computers?

GMC did the thinking for you, and has unveiled their Noblesse AV K1 Multimedia Case, which looks like it belongs with the super-boss stereo systems in the college dorm room.  I bet even the hip “Mac Guy” would even be proud to have one in his room.  This case comes with more buttons, knobs, flashing lights than a futuristic service bot from BladeRunner (extra emphasis on the “service”).

All in One Multimedia PC Case

  • Support up to full ATX
  • Provides multi operation software through iMedian
  • The best solution for multimedia such as TV, Music, Movie and Photo
  • User-friendly IrDA remote control


Front Panel Function

  • Provides system information and EQ visualizations in 16 x 2 VFD dislpay
  • Volume control and mute function
  • Multi Memory Card Reader (9 in 1)
  • System condition LCD display
  • Hot key, Navigation job button in front panel
  • Music and Movie control by play control button

Excellent Thermal Solutions

  • 140mm cooling fan in the front
  • 120mm cooling fan in the rear
  • Fan controller
  • Thermometer in the LCD display
  • Air duct and PCI express air hole in the side panel, meets with Intel CAG 1.1

Easy Installation

  • Screw-less 3.5″ and 5.25″ drive bays (support ODD and HDD sliding rails)
  • Front panel easy removal
  • Folded edges for each part
  • Supports USB 2.0 x 4, HD Audio / microphone port FPIO, IEEE 1394, Padlock
Model Noblesse K-1 MUSE
Dimension ( W x D x H ) Chassis 200 x 470 x 440mm
Carton Box 262 x 502 x 620mm
Color Silver / Black
Multi Port USB 2.0 x 4Port, HD Audio + MIC port+1394
Thermometer LCD Display
Form Factor ATX
Drive Bay 5.25″ x 2 / 3.5″ x 4 ( Int)
Expansion Slots 7 Slots
M/B Size Full ATX
Weight Net : 10Kg
Gross : 12Kg
Cooling CAG 1.1
Fan Front : 140mm X 1pcs
Rear : 120mm X 1pcs
Q’ty of 20′ 370
Q’ty of 40′ 700
Q’ty of 40′ HQ 835
Remote Control IrDA Remocon, 16*2 VFD Display
Fan Control Front&Rear Fan Control (Noise Control)