Numeric Keypad [numpad]

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A separate section on some computer keyboards that group numeric keys together, along with basic arithmatic functions (division, multiplication, addition and subtraction).  These numbers are arranged in four rows with three columns, and are arranged in descending order, which is reversed when compared with telephone key layouts.

This layout makes entering lots of numbers quick and efficient, especially when doing accounting or other work that requires input of lots of numeric data.

The number pad usually has a “numlock” button which toggles additional functions of the keys, such as arrow and keyboard navigation keys, which some gamers prefer.

Typically the numeric keypad is arranged on the right side of the keyboard, but some keyboards make this area detachable so it can be placed on the left side.

Right side of keyboardThe 10-key numeric keypad of the Corsair K95 mechanical gaming keyboard



Number Pad, Numpad

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