Joint Test Action Group [JTAG]

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1. Joint Test Action Group (JTAG)

2. A common name for the IEEE 1149.1 Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture, which was devised by electronic engineers for testing printed circuit boards using boundary scan.

3.  A hardware hack that is used to flash a device with different firmware.

You can JTAG cable modems so you can clone your MAC address and steal the internet (it’s illegal so don’t ask). You can also JTAG an Xbox 360 and use an exploit found in the older Xbox dashboard to rewrite the nand chip.

The NAND is kind of like a BIOS chip on a computer, when you flash the bios on a computer you’re changing the way the computer interprets the information.  An Xbox has to meet this criteria to be considered JTAG-able:


IEEE 1149.1, JTAG

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